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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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04 Dec 2015, 8:44 am

[wuote] THIS is what I have been told by many people. All of my counselors and psychologists told by judging my morals and values I should be friends with women first. Its because I get hurt anyways. Being an aspie is prone to meltdowns and attacks. I have a hearing loss too, so most women won't able to be comfortable talking to someone who communication of listening and speaking isn't on same level.

I always have been lectured by everyone! My family, friends, counselors, psychologists and even strangers told me I should wait! [/quote]

Then perhaps you might want to consider not lecturing others and losing the looking down on casual daters/hookups thing, yes? The latter looks like you're others down to make yourself feel better.

I have been waiting waiting, apart from the times I was desperate of asking someone out for a date or sex. Both ways of waiting and being desperate doesn't give me dates and experience. So the option doesn't open for sex workers thing, that just fake and doesn't change the 'waiting for someone experience'.

That is why you see me appear lecturing other people about this. I kept getting heard of people have rebound relationships get hurt, getting raped, cheated on and everything that involves someone ended up hurt and painful. This is what I learned from avoiding these situations.

Pretty much everybody hates lectures and unsolicited advice.

Except that your new approach hasn't (yet) worked. And adults are cognoscente of the risks associated with dating (heartbreak, getting cheated on, etc) and choose to go ahead and date anyways .

What's with trying to save other adults from themselves?

So why you telling me I have been friend zoned or whatever from this women? Are you bagging on me, like jealously or something? Lot of aspie guys on here are horny and desperate. I used to be like that, thus ended up depressed. Now I am not depressed because I am enjoying about myself and be patient. Being patient helps. This is how I met this women.

She never said to me that she doesn't like me. Only she said she want to start off as friends and build on that, and see where it goes. So far its taking time. That is what and how you develop a relationship with someone, that is being patient!


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04 Dec 2015, 9:02 am

Katy the C__t has been banned (again).

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