I wish it wasn't so hard for us to make friends.

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15 Aug 2016, 4:18 pm

I have a nephew and 3 siblings

older one (Hey I didn't know anyone starting law school but I made friends!)

youngest starting 9th grade doesn't know anyone but sort of social and saw old friends (she got bumped up a grade so leaving her middle school friends behind starting high school. She has Chorus and loves singing so that's an interest I hope carries into friendships to which I'm sure it will.

3rd The nearly 17 year old senior is a social butterfly and can make friends easy chatting/knowing everyone

Nephew is distraught OMG! he was put into 5th grade after school program AWAY from his 4th grade friends OMG! it was the WORST DAY EVER! (he's sort of dramatic.) :-)


I was on campus at college for a year (the rest was online classes.) I didn't MEET ANYONE!

I tried a little but here's some examples.

I was fascinated by our serial killer videos for our criminal theory class (I overheard OMG! that was sick! what that killer did OMG!) So not my social group OMG! bad! I think WOW FASCINATING!

Spanish I HATED barely passed with a C. I tried a little talking the one guy "Hey I really want to be border patrol" Yet he didn't take Spanish seriously face palm YOU HAVE TO KNOW SPANISH TO DO BORDER PATROL YOU DUMMY!

A group of students sitting at a table. "Hey Mr. blank do we have to come to class today???" him: Yep! I asked curiously why do you not want to go is there an OMG! big test or something? them: no we just don't want to go to class.

again FACE PALM these are the types of people they let come to college! WHAT????

Another girl I said Hey cool decal on your car (it was the Triforce from Zelda). and that was the end of that conversation.

So in a year I made no friends and MET no one finished my AA and did my Bachelor TOTALLY online! WOW!

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31 Aug 2016, 9:37 pm

Oh no I get it. Its the staple of Asperger syndrome, wanting friends but having a difficult time in the process of doing so. In my life (I am in my mid 30s) and havent had any friends since High school. That was a long time ago, :lol:

Humans are social animals, nothing is more devastating than wanting it and never obtaining it.

I can only empahize with you because I do not have the answers either, I have become used to being friendless though. I always say I'm gonna try harder at making friends in real life but never do, its defiantly some messed up catch 22 for sure man. I think honesty is your best policy, people seem to like the truth over looks so possible friend catching ideas could be considered:

Groups. all kinds of fun can be had here and most can be started for next to nothing and remain free, some examples would include like for instance a walking group. Go on walks with people, get to know them, form bonds.

Clubs. For special intrests, astronomy, car club, book club. The possibilites are endless here really

Work. Find and hang out with people you work with, if your seriously unmotivated like I am this would probably be your best option, because making friends with people you come into contact with is the easiest possible way to make friends

Internet. Pretty self explanitory here, dating sites, craigslist whatever.

Im sure there are other examples but these are the ones off of the top of my head

One thing is you have to throw youreslf out there. I know how hard this can be especially comming from a guy with Aspergers himself, its depressing and sociaty has placed these values on meeting people so it is necessary to fall into line as they say, :ninja:

Hey good luck to you. :)

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