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22 Dec 2019, 5:27 pm

I went out of town last week to a city out-of-state for a vacation and I told three people that I was coming over the summer when making my plans. Though they all said they would be interested in meeting me, I made the mistake of not contacting them until the week before. I realized I should have touched base before the trip a month or two ahead of time. Anyway, I invited them to meet me for dinner and fireworks but they all declined due to having other things going on.

Of the people was the sister of an ex frenemy who stabbed me in the back by dumping me some years back and has been a complete jerk to me since by doing things that touch my buttons and do other immature things that have hurt my feelings.

Anyway, her sister and I have always gotten along and have talked about maintaining a friendship regardless. That being said, we haven't seen each other since my ex-friend rejected me. When I reached out to her a few weeks ago, she said that she was traveling out of town to a state around the same time that I grew up in as she has family who lives there. While I felt disappointed, I asked her if she was going to visit one of their favorite cousins of mine. She never answered me back on FB messenger.

I don't want to jump to conclusions and accuse her of things that are not true since I know it is the holidays. However, I wonder if my former friend's sister feels awkward with everything that's going on between my ex and I. Not to mention, this sister is pretty close to my ex as well.

What do you think? If I do respond, what should I say?