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10 Aug 2021, 10:56 pm

Something for long time always found strange with certain members of family found other times found to when chatting with strangers when im able to where both having different conversations where they dont seem to listen to anything you say is this neurotypical behavior and only seem talk about there jobs are sports.
Anyone found anyway coping with this


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11 Aug 2021, 1:01 pm

Is it possible for you to reword/clarify your post? I think you may have gone to edit what you were saying, but left in a lot of words/phrases.

Though, from what I can get from your post, I do notice that it seems like people ignore what I'm saying sometimes. I think it can be because I worded something odd (I'm not great at verbal communication) and they don't know how to respond/acknowledge what I said, or they did understand, but don't have anything to say about it. Some autistic people I've met do this, too (including me :oops: ), so I think it's just a thing people do when they're not sure how to respond to something.

As for people wanting to talk about work/sports, I honestly don't think that people actually prefer to talk about those things, but they know that other people have experience with those topics, so they can be good for idle chit-chat. Most people have a sport they like to watch or used to play, and most people have a job, so they're very easily relatable things.

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25 Aug 2021, 7:48 pm

From what I think your post says, it might be a matter of context and connections. I know when I would talk to people, I would talk about something interesting and exciting. However, often times the other person would not have the knowledge or experience to assimilate the topic. I also tend to circle back a lot in my conversations, so a point that was made a couple minutes ago is still within the context for me, but most nts do not seem to keep that information handy. To combat these differences, I’ve learn (okay still learning) to provide more context and explanation, so I can help my listener follow my ideas. Conversely, weather and sports need very little context or explain action for most people, so when you want to make a low stakes conversation, they make ideal subjects. I also think nt do not do this consciously, but it is one of the many aspects of social interactions that I’ve tried to decode. I hope this makes sense!