Can you feel other people more than yourself?

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03 Oct 2021, 2:28 pm

It took me a long time to realize this but if I am a group of more than three people I no longer can feel or even try to feel my own emotions.

Managing all the inputs from the other people puts me into complete recieving mode and while I can converse, it is usually just about clarifying what the others signaling nonverbally vs what they are saying.

I think this is part that makes us akward. We take in all the cognitive dissidence so easily but then we get stuck struggling to figure out why eveyone else (nt) also didn't see it. We make a statement to that effect and everyone is like that's no what they said. But it was, it was just nonverbally said. We are so good are reading all the cues we don't even note they difference.

Too often other people will have so much angst bleeding off them nonverbally while they talk about how happy or wonderful everything is. I especially can't get people who talk about things or TV shows while they bleed insecurity or anger or frustration. The two different signals coming at me from multiple sources makes my angst overwhelm go off the charts.

I have found as I get older if I have to go to a social function I will enter the room walk to the center or walk around the space slowly and just feel the space. If is screaming angst I will find the host thank them for inviting me and talk for a long as I can handle it before I then go home. If however, the space is calm, fun and/or chill I will often stay hours and leave so happy. The less formal usually the better.

Have you figured out how to hack our sensitivies to navigate overstimulation and can you share it with me?