Is it my fault that people don't talk to me ?

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27 Jul 2022, 1:49 pm

I seem to think I end up alienating people from talking to me and then it makes me feel like I'm a bad person. I mean there are people I used to stay in touch with from school or college days even though some were not true ''friends'' of mine, they just happened to be people I added on social media because I recognised them. I seem to think now there is barely a few of them now I even speak to and the rest have blocked me or whatever. The thing is I used to go on social media and sometimes vent my frustrations and so on by posting it online as well as sending them messages in order to talk to people. Some people would talk to me and wonder why I was writing this stuff down and wonder what was wrong and they would give me their opinions and advice on how to help but there were times when I would get frustrated and sometimes angry responses from these people presumably because they have problems of their own to deal with and do not need to know about mine and would stop talking to me all together and blank me or block me. I seem to feel as though I've given them the impression that I was someone who was depressed and had other serious issues even though I don't have depression as I'm able to pre-occupy my mind on something else and get on with a hobby or something and have good days where I'm in good spirits and I don't spend my days and hours sitting with my hands over my face or lying on my bed doing nothing. I even felt quite embarrassed today when I came face-to-face with someone I used to message a lot to someone about my frustrations and stuff online when I was at work and served them when they wanted to buy something. I did think to myself ''I bet she must be thinking he seems different than when I spoken to him online.'' It feels as though because I used to behave the way I did on social media, that everyone thinks I'm a weirdo with issues and I don't want them to think that is what I am.


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29 Jul 2022, 2:12 am

Well, you can always turn over a new leaf. Ask people about how they're doing and try to listen to their problems, if they have them. Give genuine compliments. Be friendly. :)