I helped out with an auto accident, and kept it simple

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02 Dec 2022, 4:38 pm

I was was walking on the sidewalk, turning from the main street onto a smaller street which began a middle-class neighborhood.

And I heard a loud, BANG!

and a skidding sound [the skidding may have come both before and after]. Both vehicles skidded to a stop.

I asked the driver in the vehicle closest to me, “Are you okay?”

He said he was.

I said, “Are you sure?” [I just went with the flow]

We walked to the other vehicle. At this point, neighbors from about three houses were coming out.

I asked the lady driving that truck if she was okay. He asked the man in the passenger seat. They were brother and sister.

The man in the passenger seat was angry and swearing. And people just let him go ahead and be angry and swear.

As he got out, I asked him, “Do you want to go sit over here?”

So, I think I was useful and helpful with him, too.