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30 Apr 2009, 6:53 pm

Hey, everyone!

Is there anybody around from Saskatoon, SK and area who would be interested in meeting up sometime in May for a bit of a social gathering? Since we'd all be ADHD or AS or ASD or whatever, no pressure to fit into typical social norms would occur. Still need to think of an appropriate location for such a meet. Myself and Quantum Cowboy would definitely be there; we met at a similar monthly event in Calgary about 18 months ago and would like to get to know more people "like us" here in Saskatoon!

If you have any ideas about where else I can post this message, please PM me with your thoughts. We'd start up a group on the Meetup web site, but would need a credit card for that, so it has to wait. I have LiveJournal and Facebook, though, so if you think those might be good places to advertise, please let me know!



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