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11 Jun 2009, 10:13 am

dont get wrong, i loved school, the teachers and the lessons but im thinking how great school would of been if it had just been me and 5 other kids in it! *sighs dreamily at the thought of it*
then again, ive finished high school now, so i must turn my face to the winds of my future and make it packed full of interesting events :)
*cuts to black*

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11 Jun 2009, 10:37 am

Finished with school? You mean high school, not going on to university?

I remember either disliking or being indifferent to most of my classmates, and I am sure now that they must have thought it was terrible, maybe some of them wanted to be my friends, I don't know.

I can relate to wishing school was 5 people or so, but what if they don't like you? I could relate to my teachers better and I identified with them more than I did with the other students. Too bad, but even I understand why I couldn't date my teachers :oops: . I just remembered that one of my favorite teachers said my mannerisms, emotional perturbation (alexithymia?) and the way I hold my arms and hands (aspie?) reminded her of the Dr. Strangelove character in the Dr. Strangelove movie. It all makes sense to me now that I have seen the movie, I understand the references she was making and I see everything in a different way.

So many people, it was hard to me to tell whether any one person liked me or was indifferent, or if even some of the people who seemed to dislike me might have liked me. "Of course it's a friendly call. Listen, if it wasn't friendly, you probably wouldn't have even got it." I never understood how to respond to what I now recognize as roughhousing and horseplay, for example.


If people seem mean, they may be trying to reach out to you. The real unfriendly ones will certainly say nothing, and what can you learn from that?

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