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05 Apr 2012, 9:39 pm

Aimless wrote:
I don't buy it though. I think some peoples brains are just more creative.

Ditto. I used to be able to rehear parts of songs as a kid (by will), and I miss it so badly. It never hurt anyone that my brain was like that. It was gone by about age 9.

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06 Apr 2012, 12:22 am

Peko wrote:
Yeah, it doesn't sound to odd, I have songs playing in my head almost constantly as well. I also hear voices of characters from stories (I've read or am writing) in my head :wink: . I think those kind of things show we have more creative minds (& can never shut them off/even when asleep)! I personally only think it is an issue if the voices give you orders, tell you creepy things, or something like that (thats sounds schizophrenic to me/ and bad). And seeing colors while hearing music or something may be a form of a sensory processing difference that is more common in the autistic pop. than others. Being more creative is a good thing! :D

On occasion, I'll hear bits of songs that have yet to be written in my head right before I drift off to sleep (as if my brain has already started to dream) or while I'm dreaming. I once had a snippet of a story play itself out in a dream, complete with some of the characters' names. I quickly jotted down what I dreamed and was able to build a story around it (they only piece of fiction I've managed to come up with since college). I love it when this sort of thing happens; I only wish I was more skilled with a piano so I could actually play what I hear in my head.

(As for ear worms, the music from the Nyan Cat YouTube video often lodges itself in my brain. Nyan nyan nyan...)