Whats a good diet for someone with Aspergers?

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06 Mar 2006, 8:33 pm

Wheat bran: Gives me really intense headaches.
Oats: Horrible heartburn
Wheat flour: Gets me pretty high
Milk and cheese: Lots of phleghm and heartburn (butter's ok, but too expensive anyway for me)
Sunny delight: Just a single glass will have me rolling around the floor giggling
Kiwi fruit: Dermatitis
Starchy legumes: Severe flatulence if I take more than 200g (cooked), but less is ok, and garden peas are fine in bulk.

I find I do best on a diet of fruit, raw veg, meat/eggs and fat (olive oil and beef dripping). Tea to start with, then fruit for breakfast and 2-3 other meals through the day, each being some variation on meat/eggs with fat/oil and raw (warmed, but not cooked) veg, all mixed together, often with fairly large amounts of herbs or spices. I don't get any digestive or other problems with that regime. I also suppliment with cod liver oil (plain, unstrengthened liquid, so I can get plenty of EFA's without risking vitamin A toxicity).

Right now, the meat I'm using is turkey drum stick; cheapest they have at £1.10/kg (a bit more once the bone, skin etc is accounted for; it's just a plain old leg that's been cut off a plucked turkey). It needs some care to seperate the meat from all the tendons before cooking and doesn't taste great on it's own, but it's good stuff once it's prepared and cooked with some tomatoes, salt and vinegar (helps tenderise it; it's tough otherwise).

It took a lot of experimentation to find out what works for me, but I'm glad I made the effort.