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22 Jan 2006, 12:37 am

Stardate 21012006: Mr.Ghosthunter Log

During our patrol in a unknown sector, our Chief Enigneer, Blackliger,
has been getting cranky. I asked the ships computer Low-Frequency
what was going on.

Ohhh! Hi!, This is Low-Frequency, the ships......CUT IT OUT!
say's Mr. Ghosthunter. I know your hiding something!

Oh! Ok! It seems that we forgot Chief Engineer Blackligers
BIRTHDAY. And he was embarrased to remind us, but
lucky for me, being allllll-knowwwing! GEEZ! says' Mr.ghosthunter.
You are being conceited today. Thanks for telling me this.

Lt.Sophist! Beam a large Scotch Whisky to Chief Engineer
Blackligers Quarters and a card of HAPPY BIRTHDAY attached
to it.

Hmmm-Unnn-Hmmmm! Chief Engineer Blackliger! You can
have the day off!

Sincerely, and Happy Birthday to you!

From Mr.Ghosthunter