Hard time w/son's stims b/c of own sensory issues

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05 Jul 2009, 11:04 pm

I am an adult with AS, and I have a bf who also has AS. Unfortunatly we have found out that some of the things that send me into sensory overload mainly sounds, he stims. I can deal with it ok, just not when his family or my friends laugh at us. But I guess were pretty entertaining, us on the couch him squealing and clicking his tounge, and me screaming and flaping off of the couch holding my ears until he stops.

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05 Jul 2009, 11:41 pm

I wonder what the difference is between aspies and regular people being bothered by sounds? I can't stand my dad sucking on the hole in his mouth where his tooth got pulled, I can't stand people tapping their feet, but I have seen other people bothered by things I do and even my own mom hated when I tap my feet against the counter and my brothers too, she is also bothered by what my dad does.

But of course when I get bothered by noise and sounds, I don't know if it's typical or the AS.