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26 Jul 2009, 1:13 am

MADDuck wrote:
Prof_Pretorius wrote:
Research has shown that Autism can be cured with liberal applications of alcohol. Simply ingest large amounts of alcohol in any desirable form such as Cointreau or Ale, and Voila' your Autism is cured toot sweet ! !! !! !

Won't taking a depressant interfere with my ANTI-depressants?

nope, just make you drunk more quickly.
i do like the temporary cure aka. alcohol but it can also backfire because i tend to say too much.

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26 Jul 2009, 3:12 am

"antidepressant" refers to "against depression".

"Depressant" refers to "depresses the activity of the central nervous system"--an overall slowing effect.

The physiological effects of a depressant are not the opposite of an anti-depressant, however their names might sound like opposites.

Drinking while you're depressed is still a bad idea, though. Alcohol tends to accentuate emotions that are already present, and you don't want the emotions you're getting when you're depressed to be any more pronounced than they already are. It also makes you a lot more vulnerable to alcoholism; some people even think that alcoholism can be seen as a form of depression.

(Oh, and it doesn't cure autism. The positive effect many autistics have from alcohol is the lowered inhibitions, which tend to reduce social anxiety. Of course, social anxiety disorder is a comorbid mental illness, not a part of autism itself, and can be treated with therapy and medication.)

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