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06 Feb 2006, 10:51 am

CRB wrote:
Just to let you know what happened with my youngest son. The problem was that he was not happy in the school that he was going. He was attending a private school kindergarten where from the beginning, the teacher felt that he was not mature enough for kindergarten. After receiving a 10-day suspension for hitting our middle son in the playground, we decided to yank him from the school. In the morning, our youngest son will be attending the day care that he really enjoyed, and then in the afternoon, he will be at kindergarten at a public school. Already, his behavior has vastly improved. It was obvious that he was not happy where he was and was acting out because of it. He is much happier, and is behaving better.

Not mature enough for kindergarten? Hmmm...I thought part of the reason for kindergarten was to help children adapt to the school enviornment with its structure, rules, etc. The problem may not have been the school, just this one teacher. Even the best schools can have a bad apple teacher or two. It wouldn't surprise me if this particular teacher was gunning for your son because she felt he shouldn't be there, so she made life hard for him.

Reminds me of a story a coworker told me about a neighbor child. This child's father died shortly after he was born, so the mother and grandmother moved in together so the grandmother could help with the children. Although their older child went to daycare at age 2, the younger one didn't because the grandmother was home to look after him all day. When they went to put him in kindergarten, the school tested him and although he tested high in many areas, the school didn't want to admit him because they thought he wasn't socailized enough to be in kindergarten since he'd seldom ever been around other children in his life. His mother was furious because they want her to wait a year to enroll him and she doesn't want him starting off school a year behind.

I don't know whatever came of it, but to me it's terrible the school tried to do this to the kid. The kid was smart, but they didn't want him in school, it makes no sense.


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