I would like to become officially diagnosed. How to?

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11 Sep 2009, 12:11 am

Aoi wrote:
polymathpoolplayer wrote:
The real reason I want the diagnosis is my family is in denial - my niece is a know-it-all in the pysch profession who says basically nobody will believe me without the real diagnosis. I am well past drafting age and I am self-employed teaching piano. I just want the diagnosis to rub it in their faces.

Good luck with that. My family is in denial about a great many things involving me. They insist I go into therapy because of all my "problems", then tell me there is nothing wrong with me. Each has his/her own explanation for me, reflecting more about their personalities and issues than anything involving me per se. I am in contact with three family members at this point. And that number may shrink, unfortunately.

Each family is different. But carefully consider how your family may react to a diagnosis before you go through the time and effort (plus costs) of getting one.

Thanks for your input. Problem solved I just basically told all but one to go to hell. They treated me just like they did you and I have had enough. NO amount of apologizing will make me want to interact any more.