help please new person with asperger's syndrome

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19 Sep 2009, 7:17 am

hello guys

Could you please tell me what symtoms you guys have ? when it comes to social communication and sensory issues because i would like see if i have them aswell so that i could write them on my asperger's list as i am looking to get diagnonsis

find the websites information are not that specific as i get confused easy.

thank you!


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19 Sep 2009, 7:18 am

Welcome to WP!

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19 Sep 2009, 8:04 am

about sensory:i love feeling of pressure
and i tend to pace a lot ,my special interest has always been computers
sorry but i dont really have that much sensory problems XD

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19 Sep 2009, 10:56 am

Let's see.

I tend to see things in very rigid terms of black and white. I told an NT friend of mine one time "grey areas are just a fairy tale that NTs believe in so that they can feel good about their own self contradictions and logical inconsistencies"(perhaps the fact that I speak like that is a symptom, I don't know)

I develope obsessions and narrow interests easily and then tend to drift to another one. I am very bad about going on and on about them to people who don't care. i.e."my goodness Dave, do you ever stop talking about D&D?"

I have trouble reading nonverbal cues that are subtle(this is where the distinctions can become difficult. I'm not LFA, and I can read some facial expressions/tone of voice/body language, I just don't do it very well). One time a friend showed me a drawing she did and said "that's my favorite expression to draw", I had a dumbfounded look(I assume) and said "what does it mean?". She thought the question was bizzare and was unable to answer it without simply saying things like "you know sort of like(imitates the mystery expression)". Apparently NTs don't think of nonverbal cues like they think of words, with each one having a deffinition. Too bad, that would make things a lot easier.

I tend to like repetitive and highly structured activities and even rock back and forth when I get stressed out(I'm always sure to do this in private as it freaks some NTs out).

I find some sounds to be especially abrasive, well above and beyond how they effect NTs(I once had to cover my ears during a practice session of dance[yes, I dance] because one of the other dancers shoes was missing a sole under the heel and the scraping sound was almost more than I could take).

There are some fabrics that I can't wear as I hate the way they feel on my skin. Things like certain kinds of sweaters and certain kinds of flannel(I think it's flannel). I've been given shirts before that I loved the look of and couldn't wear because of the material.

I visualize everything I think and hear. Every letter and number has a color association and when I hear words or numbers they make me think of colors. For example, the name "Sarah" is very red because of the "A"s in it wherease "Rose" is very black because of the "O"(vowels tend to drown out consanents).

I tend to "zone out". I recently learned from doing some research that it's believed that this is the result of the autistic brain being overwhelmed by the extremely complex information being recieved by the senses and needing to take a break. When I think of what it feels like to zone out I think that's a pretty good hypothesis.

I do however experience some perks.

I find it very easy to focus on one task for hours on end. I paint miniatures and have been known to start painting at noon and stop to get something to eat at around 9:00-10:00 PM. I think my record is 13 solid hours working on a small warband.

I find memorization not only easy but very enjoyable. It is difficult to describe but I can feel it when I learn something. It is a very enjoyable sensation and I've gotten confused reactions from people when I tell them that the reason I enjoy learning is because I like the way it feels when my brain stores the information(seriously, does anyone else get a slight high when something makes it past the hypocampus or is it just me?).

I can visualize and manipulate objects in my head. When I was training to be a dance teacher I wasn't shown the follower's part for any of the steps(though I should have been). My instructor realized that my mind worked differently and said "take this hour and break down the steps. Then show me the follow.". So I visualized the steps and figured out the followers parts without having to be taught. As far as I know this is very difficult. I'm even able to call out the followers feet while dancing even though they are opposite of mine"i.e. saying left when I step with my right"(which is extremely useful when teaching waltz).

I can break things down and understand them in a very clear and logical way. I sometimes look at things and figure out how they work.


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19 Sep 2009, 11:32 am

I have, am, like, etc:

1. Narrow, intense way of thinking. I tend to obsess on the same thing and stick to one area. I do not get distracted easily. I repeat stuff I've said or written word for word without realizing it, sometimes.

2. I can be rigid in my thinking and see things as extremes (black and white thinking)

3. I become really overwhelmed when confronted by a lot of information at once. It can be any kind of information. I do better in one on one situations. I can deal much easily with one and not many. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed and hopeless when there's too many of something. It's like a school of fish. It ceases to become lots of little thing and resembles something gigantuan and insurmountable. I like "one" of everything.

4. I like to lecture.

5. I like to be in motion (whether it be walking, running, swimming, driving, rides in amusement parks, boats, bikes, I am happier when moving).

6. I like studying.

7. I like informing.

8. I like creating.

9. I like talking on the phone or internet better than face to face.

10. I have uneven cognitions, even when it comes to communicating (much better at long distance communication than face to face encounters)

11. I possess a strange intuition that is sort of like psychic awareness even though it's hard to discern the motives of others or what they are thinking. It's difficult to connect with them, personally, but it's easy to tell them about their day (or life) before they tell me about it.

12. I have very poor endurance and don't like to stick with tasks I consider very stressful or unpleasant.

13. I have a strong aversion to certain aromas.

14. My hearing is really good in some circumstances (like hearing faint music over a PA. I can hear it before others with me can. A few minutes later, they hear it, but I always do first) but I have difficulties understanding what people are saying, sometimes.

15. If I am at a drive thru restaurant and someone in the car is telling me what they want to order, they have to tell me one item at a time or I lose track and don't know what they want.

16. I lose my car if I park it in a different place at the store. I have to stick to the same row or I have no memory of where it is. I lose my car keys unless they are attached to my purse (which they are with one of those coils)

17. I have strange phobias and anxieties about interacting with people.

18. Other people see me as strange, weird, eccentric, difficult, unfriendly, quiet, they view me with suspicion. They also think of me as smarter than the average person but in a Unabomber kind of way even though I consider myself to be much more philanthropic than they and would never harm anyone, intentionally. I think of myself as having more evolved ethics; a " I would not stoop to their level" attitude. I consider others to be deceptive and presumptuous. Just because you prefer to be alone, disagree with certain elements of human nature, don't enjoy being with others or talking to them that much and have a somewhat blank expression on your face doesn't make you into a disgruntled person who is going to engage in illegal activity and harm others.

19. In my opinion, I am just "different" from others, but not in an antagonistic way and I get a lot of grief just for being different. Others misinterpret differences and label me dumb, stupid, inconsiderate, crazy, loner, disgruntled, etc. I have known people who are far more social than I who have done worse things to people, stab their friends in the back, tried to make people over into what they want, treacherous attitude toward others. I like to argue and can find fault in a lot of what's going on, but please, don't put me in the same catagory as the disgruntled miscreant just because of that!


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19 Sep 2009, 12:28 pm

I am very childlike for my age.
I have tantrums/meltdowns where I become very irrational and start yelling...often as a response to sudden stress...
I have walked on my tippy toes since I was a child
I have trouble with my position in the space around me..not sure what they call that...but it goes with my odd gait and body positioning...
I have an odd prosity to my speech, and I have some vocal stims or tics...nonsense phrases that I repeat at random intervals...that help me center is not the same as tourrettes though...
I avoid eye contact
I have trouble with depth perception so I can't drive a car...and i am terrified when riding in the front seats in cars..
I have mild and occasional echolalia
I have auditory processing difficulties...
I am prone to get trapped in repeatative non-productive routines
I have severe problems with organizing
My thought patterns are very circular...and I have trouble focusing things that are not related to what I am fixated on..and I have difficulty controlling impulses...
I have a very good visual memory, but only for locating objects
gee there are more but that's all I feel like mentioning typing...maybe I will think about it and resume with my list later.

I am only assessed as having AS...An AS specialist gave me her opinion that I am an Aspie, based upon a conversation with me....that does not count as a diagnosis (though she told me it could)
I also had another mental health professional state that it was his opinion that this assessment was probably correct....but that also does not count as a diagnosis.
There is a possibility that I have ADD/PDD-NOS


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19 Sep 2009, 3:10 pm

Ok this is going to take some thinking on my part :) There are quite a few "aspie" things I've discovered within myself over time:

1. I have narrowed "special" interests where I get obsessed with a particular topic and will read up on everything I can find on it.

2. I have no sense of direction and get lost easily (not all aspies have this problem but alot of them do)

3. I'm a social clutz...need I say more? I don't feel that I have friends by definition that I can really talk to without worrying they will accept me... just friendly acquaintances. I am often described as very shy and "strange".

4. Speaking of clutziness, I'm very uncoordinated. Although I've found exercising (aerobics in my case) does help some.

5. I love cats :)

6. I collect (ok hoard) things. I'm not to excessive on any one thing except I will never ever give away my My Little Pony collection. I have hundreds of them and still like to collect the special collectors edition ones that come out :)

7. I have extreme sensitivities to noise, temperature, and touch. I tend to buy clothing that's made of cotton because I can only put up with uncomfortable clothing for so long. As far as noise, I've often went to the cemetery to sit and think and read because it's so peaceful and quiet there. (Of course I also have an interest in the paranormal so that could be part of why it doesn't bother me).

8. I can't stand messy disorganization because it seems like if I can't keep things in the same place I will lose them forever. Things just "have" to be kept in the same place or it drives me crazy.

9. I have meltdowns. Mine simply consist of crying really hard until I feel I'm going to throw up. One thing that brings this on I myself am a very sensitive emotional person. I have a hard time with things like changing jobs for example... About three months ago I got transferred to another location (same job just a difference setting, different people) and it was really hard on me emotionally for awhile. I cried almost every day for probably 2 weeks.

10. I self injure to help my anxiety. This isn't necessarily an aspie thing, but I have read that this is a problem with some aspies who are very emotional.

I hope that helped you some :)

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19 Sep 2009, 5:44 pm

specific intrests marked with motor clumsyness. un appropriate or no social skills lacking i guess, routines i also have an autistic oder. and it smells fantastic

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20 Sep 2009, 5:49 pm

Wow, reading some of the other responses reminded me of some things I left out. For instance I completely forgot my stims.

I have one that involves blinking and shutting my eyes powerfully(it's a weird description I know but it's the only way to really describe it).

I also have one with the way I breath(a sort of arrhythmical thing which is ironic considering my love of dance and the structure that accompanies rhythm).

I have also developed several habits involving my hands. Pushing my nails down onto the bed, alternating the way my fingers interlock, cracking every possible knuckle, etc.

Also, as a side note, I didn't realize my piss-poor sense of direction could be related to AS. I'm actually a little bummed out. I want at least a couple of quirks that aren't autistic.