What's The Worst Job You Ever Had?

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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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06 Feb 2010, 11:24 pm

Grocery store cashier..but actually ended up doing everything from scrubbing the metal freezers with a toothbrush and soap (no, I am not kidding) to pushing in heavy buggies in the snow to doing everything else possible. I needed money and was too young and stupid at the time to realize the supervisor was a sexist pig who treated us and his own wife like crap, and that the owners were snotty fakes who thought their employees were their personal slaves. Oh yeah, they also wouldn't play any other music except terrible wailing Gospel music. Sometimes I think I'd rather put up with sexual harrassment than to listen to gospel.


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12 Feb 2010, 10:09 pm


I feel like a good rant before going to bed.

My worst job was my last job. Due to a ****ty economy, I haven't been able to come close to getting another one, and my (lack of) experience from both it and in general is making it seem unlikely I'll be able to get another one any time soon.

Ok, the environment. It smelled like rotten food, there were ants indoors. A homeless person was often passed out just outside my window. The building made LOUD pops an average of every 6 seconds. I'm sensitive to noise, so this was simply maddening.

Next, the work. I was supposed to be a software engineer. They mostly had me do testing. Ok, that's cool and all. Write test cases using the program's API and automate the whole procedure so that you'll permanently have a suite of tests that you can run on any subsequent version of the software.

Ha! That's what you think! NO. ****ing. Way. (are we allowed to say "****" on this forum?) No sir. You aren't allowed anywhere ****ing near that codebase. No, we don't want you learning the API. No, we don't want you to learn anything about formal software testing. Just push buttons and try to break it. That's right, most of my days consisted of ****ing PUSHING BUTTONS. Wow! They could pick someone off the street and do that. I'm supposed to be a software engineer, not a beta tester. The software was also some of the buggiest crap I had ever seen.

Late in the job, when they finally had me write some software, I was given only the vaguest of directions on what I was supposed to be working on (basically rip off the functionality of another program), and had no feedback or any kind of code review or functional evaluation. A project existing solely in someone else's head is no way to write software.

Ok, but how about the management? EVERY DAY, they'd scream at one of my coworkers. I literally wore noise-blocking earphones (and later earplugs) specifically to drown out those maddening pops and the PSYCHOTIC management screaming, in front of everyone, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Dear lord, I hated that place.

Beyond the from Aspergers, I also have what is essentially low-grade narcolepsy. I explained to them that I sometimes fall asleep, and they would have none of it. Simply not allowed. All the time, one of the managers would go into my office and glare at me menacingly. I already felt terrible being there, and that made it worse. I eventually had to start taking Provigil, which badly messed up my system. I also have problems sleeping at night. Go figure. This triggered a whole barrage of GO and NO-GO medications. Caffiene, provigil, melatonin, sominex, rozerem, ambien, all kinds of increasingly scary stuff.

And do you know what really pisses me off? While I worked there, my brother died. Within a week of when I got back from the funeral, they sent me an email to get all of my work off of my computer. Within 3 weeks, I was fired.

Yes, thank you. This is how you run a business? Not only did my year there wreck my health (which I am still recovering from, a year later), but I didn't learn a damn thing because of how back-***wards the way the company was run. Their product certainly isn't competitive with other similar products, so I wonder how they stay in business.

I know I can work hard and do well, since I had a great job before that one. Mostly programming and design. I did great, and even gained a lot of recognition. They just couldn't afford to hire me on as a regular employee.

So here I am, wondering if I'll ever be able to get a job.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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14 Feb 2010, 2:13 pm

I'm a veterinarian who thinks she probably is at least AS. My job has become absolute Hell for me, and not even the joy of solving medical mysteries can overcome the detractors.

Utter chaos . . . one minute a roomful of squealing puppies and screaming kids and the parents leave me to examine 5 dogs at once and somehow manage to keep them from crawling off the table whilst their toddler is pulling off my stethoscope and they are on cell phones . . . the next a growling Rottie whose owner never trained it and put it out on a chain that wants to rip out your throat as you try and listen to its heart with your face an inch from his with the owner soothing him that the bad mean vet won't hurt the precious . . . the next something bleeding dying shrieking uncontrolalbly despite massive control measures of technicians running oxygen lines and catheters and fluids . . .

And the whole time this is going on, people are hollering at me wanting me to answer questions about refills on medication, someone on the phone with their cat in labor, an update on a surgery patient, and what the differentials for progressive muscle weakness in a three year old indoor/outdoor cat with minor changes in bloodwork . . .

Then back to another room and this time I have to try and explain to some very rich and hateful lady that Fluffy the Persian is suffering from kidney failure but since the cat mauls anyone who comes within three feet of it we are limited in our treatment options . . . then accuses me of being a bad vet because I won't lose my own finger giving it a pill everyday for her, since I am a vet and she is an owner who does not expect that she should be able to handle her own pet . . .

Then back to treatment where the dog with pancreatitis is spewing bloody vomit everywhere despite me having given every drug known to man in order to stop it.

I am overwhelmed and try to take a break and go pee and they follow me to the bathroom and ask questions through the door. The lady with the cat in labor has now called back 3 more times and wants an exact estimate for what treatment will be required for the cat who we have never examined and is in indeterminate distress from being in labor . . . oh it's 2 DAYS now she has been in labor, you forgot to tell me the first three times you called.


It's the most completely unpredictable, uncontrollable, overstimulating thing that I have ever done. I'm good at it, one of the best in my area, but I am a complete nervous wreck.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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19 Feb 2010, 12:57 pm

working in the production department (warehouse) at a goodwill, (it was actually part of a College funded Autism/AS training program)

my supervisor and most of the people i worked with would bug me about how hardly ever talked or said anything, most of the time

when i worked with my supervisor in her area she would always have the radio set on this country music station which would basically play the same songs over & over for weeks at a time, that got to be really brain-numbing after a while.
at one point there was this african american woman aggressively hitting on me, that really made me feel uncomfortable (and i'm white!)

i was there for about a year before i left to get a better job

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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19 Feb 2010, 9:32 pm

That would have to be the bridal registry/fine tableware store where I worked for these two manager/owners who were like the women from Ab Fab. After work, I would go home to watch Ab Fab - so therapeutic.


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03 Apr 2010, 10:02 pm

I had a job at King Soopers that I seriously hated and I quit the same day I started. I was hired on to stock the shelves and unload freight from the trucks and when I got there for my first day they told me they didn't have the position I was hired on for. They had me sit in an office and do all the bullshit training on the computer and watching the videos. I worked in the store for maybe 3 or 4 hours and the only thing they wanted me to do was make sure everything was faced. Making sure that the label on every box, can, bottle or anything else in the store was facing forward. I clocked out for the day and didn't show up the next day. I didn't feel like it was even worth my time to let them know I was quitting. I got a paycheck in the mail a week later for 60 bucks or something.


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04 Apr 2010, 2:28 am

Hardware tester on the original Xbox. The job was to press the open button, put in a game, press the close button, let the machine load, and put a check in a box if it had an error. That was the whole job, 8 hours a day of opening and closing an Xbox...

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05 Apr 2010, 5:45 pm

Oh that's an easy one. I had a job working in a fabric store. I can't cut a straight line to save my life(my fine motor skills suck) and guess what so did my personality skills. SO out the door I went and guess what the chemicals from the fabrics were making me sick.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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06 Apr 2010, 1:55 pm

I haven't had many jobs, and my first wasn't until my early twenties.

The first one was at a temp agency, which didn't know where to place me because, in addition to (possibly) having asperger's I also have some extreme learning disabilities. Anyway, they gave me an address for what they told me was a 'small gray building'. I arrived at the address on time, but I couldn't find a 'small gray building' anywhere. Long story short, I gave up looking and went home and called the agency, it turned out that the business was in a huge brick building I had been walking around for a half hour. When i finally got there I arrived FOUR HOURS LATE. The woman from the temp agency was angry with me.

Eventually, they sent me to an appliance/electronics shop to unload merchandise from huge tractor trailers.
The forty-five minutes that I was there I mostly stood around watching other guys do the work because I felt like I was just in the way. I feel that way a lot.

The next one I had was a summer job as a janitor at a high school. I felt humiliated because everybody else in that program was younger than me. Also I don't like janitorial work.

A year after that I got a job assembling tvs. The thing was the job was in a city nearly 100 miles away. I can't drive, so I had to get a bus.
Unfortunately, the bus didn't go all of the way to the city, so I had to walk about 20 miles. At night. On the side of an interstate. The company paid for workers rooms at a small hotel/motel and all meals. The pay was fairly good, but I couldn't stand it for long, because I had to share a room. I quit after a week.

About a year or two after that, I started working at an antique mall. This was the longest and most enjoyable job I've ever had, though I still hated parts of it. I had to assist customers with finding items, and answer questions. I never felt comfortable there because most of the customers were morons that I could never please, no matter what I did. And then I got laid off.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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17 Apr 2010, 11:09 am

I had one job where my employers appeared not to have read their job advert, description, their own rules on how pretty much anything should be done or employment law. (I'd rather not give too many clues where because it's a rather tightly-knit industry). As such:

- the job proved to be very much not as described (or indeed completable by over 95% of the people who would have met the criteria the employer stated). I've seen milder versions "feature creep" in jobs before, but at least the half-dozen other places which have done it admitted it in either the interview or the extended version of the job advert and thus saved all involved some stress

- the staff training advice given turned out to be contradictory to what was permitted by other staff at the workplace (even though they too had supposedly attended the same course)

- promised training did not happen and the managers couldn't even settle on an excuse as to why (some of the proposed reasons were illegal, others were more plausible)

- several important items of paperwork arrived months late, some were claimed to have been approved by me when I hadn't seen them and most of the performance reviews (most people had 1 per year, new recruits were meant to have 1 every 3 months, I had 1 every 3 weeks) had major misrepresentations and obvious errors in the write-up (for example, a 100% attendence record was deemed "barely adequate" when it was a better record than the people who'd administered the document (and presumably considered their own attendance adequate)).

- there were three occasions when a legally-trained person was sent in for various reasons and on all three of them I had to correct that individual on points of law (I thought law was meant to be the job of legally-trained people...)

- pay was months late arriving (some of it is still due and the job ended well over a year ago - legal processes have failed on account of an apparent inability of the legal system to even acknowledge correspondence from me) and not to other people. Again, the managers could not settle on a reason as to why this happened

- I was verbally assaulted by the staff twice and the witnesses pretended it didn't happen even though it was very clear on CCTV

- I was forbidden access to the requisite reporting structures to protest the behaviour of other staff

- the company told me it would lie on my reference, even though that's illegal, and worded it in a way that indicated they neither knew nor cared about the legality of that action - but then who in their right mind would request a reference off an employer who had done the above?

The only good thing that happened in that job was that I discovered I was good enough at the type of work that people's impression of the organisation improved after I'd dealt with them - provided that I didn't get verbally assaulted while serving them. I got a reputation as the only one who knew how to do certain key tasks and since my colleagues refused all offers of assistance in those tasks, I have to conclude that the reduction in opinion of the organisation that happened after I left was partly because of me leaving.

If any employers are reading this, please realise that simply because we have bad experiences at some workplaces doesn't mean we can't be a big benefit to them, let alone an organisation that is enlightened enough to put us in the right environment doing the work each of us is good at.

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17 Apr 2010, 12:10 pm

I worked at a grocery store while I was a senior in high school. My mother had tipped off to the supervisors and HR manager that I had Asperger's. Which meant: I got the lowest jobs on the totem pole. Jobs usually reserved for the mentally disabled or native Polish speakers. Often bagging groceries, sometimes emptying out the bottle machines, and most of the time pushing shopping carts in the parking lot.

I was the one often stuck in the parking lot duty when it was less than ideal weather outside - hot, cold, snow, rain... I was the one out there. Very few times for the sunny and 60s/70s.

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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18 Apr 2010, 2:01 am

I've had so many lousy jobs during the course of my long life.

But one stands head and shoulders among the rest.

I was seventeen years old and a day laborer for Manpower Personnel Services.

They assigned me for a day to work at Teddy's Frozen Fish, a nearby assembler of frozen fish TV Dinners.

The place was ice cold. Everybody was wearing winter coats in the middle of summer.

They tried me out in the warehouse shoveling piles of frozen fish on the floor into bins or boxes, but it was so cold and I couldn't stop shivering so they moved me to the assembly putting fish in plates as they rapidly moved in from of the assemblers. Somebody stood with me for a short time instructing me and demonstrating how the work should be done. I also watched the other workers mostly women do the job. After they set me to work alone I couldn't keep up and the noise of the machine, the cold, and the speed of the machine totally frazzled me. After a few more minutes I fainted and was carried along by the machine forcing them to shut down the line. I took an ambulance ride to the local hospital to be checked out. Suffice it to say I never worked there again or on any assembly line from that point on.



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25 Apr 2010, 9:45 pm

Working at Chick-fil-a. I worked in the back (fell and landed flat on my back once, cut my hand once), in the drive through, and as a cashier (didn't realize how bad I am at making change). I don't think I'll ever work in food again. I only worked a month, around Thanksgiving until right before Christmas I guess. I quit because I was admitted to the hospital and found out I had a brain condition. I don't think my boss believed me when I told her that's why I had to quit, but oh well :roll: My friends gave me so much grief about working there for such a short time...geez, none of them had jobs or a new-found brain disease, leave me alone! I think I made a little over $40 working there for around a month......:ncool:


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29 Apr 2010, 8:50 pm

I had a great job in a little BBQ Chicken Takeaway joint - but is was a casual position and there wasn't enough hours available to pay the bills. So I left when I got a full-time job as a general hand at an offset printery.

When I started there I quickly discovered that I was at the bottom of the s**t heap and the butt of a few practical jokes. Of course I took it all seriously because I didnt pick up that they were having a lend of me. For example, they told me that a bucket of ink needed to be stired but the machine that does it was broken and the only other way it could be done was with my bare hands. Wanting to impress I did it without question - my arm was green nearly to my shoulder for almost a week.

They got me to work on a project which was to small to run on the offset press. I spent two weeks standing at a photocopier it was crap but I was determined to do a good job. When I had finished the copying the owner's wife came in and collated a copy - she then checked that everything was in order, but she found a mistake. The next day about 6 people I didnt know (friends of the owner) came in and they went through and collated all of my copies and picked out every mistake. I got the sack at the end of the day.

I found out a few months later that they had only ever intended to employ me for the two weeks it took for that project and that my work had been sabotajed so that they had an excuse to fire me. The sad thing was that my previous position at the takeaway had been filled. I ended up on the dole.


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01 May 2010, 8:38 pm

As a resident of Mass, I worked at the Mass Dept of Conservation and Recreation as a summer laborer during summer 2005. I cleaned up parks and streets and cut the grass.

The worst parts of the job was that I had to dump trash into the garbage truck. Whenever I did this, I was exposed to this unbearable pungent smell of garbage which made me want to spit and vomit.

Also, I would do some cleaning in this little house near the headquarters and clean this toilet which was filled with fecal matter and yellow piss. I would always ask myself "Why the hell can't anyone flush this damn toilet?" I never liked cleaning unflushed toilets in small public bathrooms.