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04 Feb 2006, 8:16 am


The Evans Experiment
Copyright 2005

Main Character: Evans Moyer
Secondary; Jack Philips

Chapter One

Year: 2007

Mind Cuff

God this day is hot, 105 outside and in this box not much cooler. I call it a box because that’s what it feels like, not much room. Not many visitors either something like 3 a day going through this desolate desert-like highway in the middle of nowhere. It’s a good thing I’m only here twice a week, part time as to pay the bills you see.

This crack hole of a job is security, keep an eye on the traffic going through here as well as being a gas station. I’m not really employed by the gas station and the gas station really has no independent owner, it’s owned by those wanting this highway watched for traffickers. Can’t really mention who owns it or employs me, so it’s seen as a privately owned business, you know the last gas station for a hundred miles or so.

Heck I don’t know how many miles but I do know if there tank isn’t full the average vehicle won’t make it to the next station.

Its payday too and on paydays a coworker by the name of Philips Jack comes by with his check and mine from our other place of work that just happens to be funded by the same organization as this job. Granted my complaints of this one are nothing compared to my other job working for “them”, there.

Jack and I have known each other for some 8 years now; we go back and forth talking about far out things. Talk of such things as UFO’s and aliens and other such nonsense. It’s some interesting stuff but who really knows, all I know is people claim to be seeing things in the sky at night and in the past few years claims have gone up over major cities by 32%. In fact just yesterday on the news they did a story about them, people want to know what they are and there is too much speculation to even begin to mentally draw out some logical possibilities.

It’s difficult to know what of it is from the delusional or the liars but some of it must be true. After all just 6-months ago a police chief in another state had video taped groups of them in the sky zipping around doing weird things. These craft like objects, they zip around in the sky doing things that are not possible. How can this be? It’s as if they defy gravity or use it somehow as perhaps a method of propulsion.

After the video tape it seemed as if interest in the subject became popularized. Not in a science fiction sort of way but on the news, it wasn’t one of those off beat stories; in fact most of the major news networks carried it. Of course no government officials would comment, which just makes it worse everyone begins to think of cover-ups then you have the conspiracy theorist and the crazed folks that believe the hog-wash.

I know the popularity of the subject increased dramatically on the internet, all the search engine trends reported keywords for and related to the subject had increased 10,000%+. And in no time in the internets history had such a jump in percentages taken place in any one time or had they been so numerous at onetime.

I’m no expert and if I was I’d be worried about my sanity, all those so called experts in the Ufology field seem to be out for the buck or quite frankly insane. Besides Ufology was just a term applied to help make it seem legitimate, as if it was worthy of the “ology” at the end, chuckles.

That aside I do know today’s payday and I’m hungry, sure wish pizza delivery was available out here; all I have is old spam and bread.

Jack should be here in another hour or so and by the looks of it I’ve got my first customer rolling up in the drive. Damn the car is smoking too, that means I’ve actually got to do something, this isn’t a repair shop it’s a gas station but what do I do, leave them stranded?

Ding-Ding, the front door swings open a minute later and an older man looking around 65 or so announces his arrival energetically and near happily.

Howdy stranger, you mind helping me with some car problems? I need about a gallon of water and a tank of gas.

Big smile on his face from the glimpse I managed to get, personalities such as his simply don’t make sense. Here he is smiling as if it was a good day but having car problems and it being hot as hell.

Affirmative on the gas sir, but for the water you’ll need to go out in the back outside there you’ll find a hose as well as a bucket.

I won’t charge you for the water but the gas that’s $2.70 a gallon and you’ll need to fill up if you’re taking this highway.

Hmm.. Alright here’s $50. The customer places a newly printed fifty on the counter.

Come get your change when you’re done I mutter looking away toward an empty space in the front corner of the entry as he walks back out the door.

Shhhew (relief sound)… That was a close one; I managed to get out of it, no work for me nothing to get my hands dirty. Besides this isn’t a repair shop, I’m no mechanic it’s a gas station plus the thought of working on a junk car in this heat seems ridiculous.

I hate working on junk. Sure hope he makes it though, he’s got a long way to go and if it overheats out there like it did when he rolled up the drive he’d be stuck without any sort of help. An old guy like that won’t last long in this heat if he was to get stuck in the deserts hell.

A half a minute later Jack comes through the door.

Hay, Evans you can’t help your new boss with a little car work?

Nope, not part of the job description and besides the last time I worked on a car a tire fell off when it was driven. I’m a clear liability.

He said the word boss, I recall boss, new boss what new boss, I say?

The old fart is your new boss, the one that drove me here.

Oh, new boss but I’ve never had a boss other then you and you never farted around me so I’d have to tolerate his farts?

No Evans, you won’t be around him much and he doesn’t fart around me I was describing his age.

Jack, I can’t say that makes much sense.

Ok Evans it was just a joke, I’m going to help the old man out so we can get out of here and your coming with us.

In that car?

Who is going to watch the gas station? We can’t just leave it, that’s against the rules!

Nothing to worry about Evans everything is taken care of; something tells me you’re going to enjoy your new job. Meet us outside in ten, be ready to go.

Ok Jack I’ll be out there in ten.

I’ve never had anything like this happen, mostly everything’s been predictable. Work the gas station twice a week and three days a week working out various conceptual puzzles and writing about them. I’ve been doing this since I was seventeen, working on puzzles that is, they are difficult to explain in a way that makes sense but it always had to do with what Jack and I had spoken about.

Jack didn’t say exactly what my new job will be doing, I mean the puzzles which have no exact outcome had been getting boring as of late. It’s basically just writing my opinions on situations relating to people and events. Sort of like taking the possibilities which were previous thoughts of my own and writing about the numerous ways of thinking about the same thing. It seemed tedious, boring and redundant beyond reason after all the situations were all highly unlikely such as if an asteroid hit earth so I would research other peoples thoughts of what would happen in the populous.

Rarely are there any facts and most of it is pure speculation, but in a way others opinions become fact so they are important only because they can be believed. The asteroid event was one of the more fun ones, most of them were out there and certainly filled full of superstitious nonsense such as common beliefs and methodologies of psychics.

Those crazy people think they can see the future and read another persons mind as well as talk to the dead. Then they go around saying people are being born as indigo children with supernatural powers. These folks just are not with it, they ought to be seen as crazed loonies!

But it isn’t my place to judge them, nope it isn’t but I sure have my opinion and that opinion is based upon what I’ve seen of it. They talk as if they are dimensional beings themselves going through spiritual dimensions of awakening. Some of them I’ve read believe they walk to aliens from outer space as spiritual guides, but really this is hearing and seeing things so it’s nonsense superstitious blarney.

I can’t believe that these people believe those things, to think the alike of them the psychics that get paid money to tell people some really obvious nonsense. Like they see guides around other people but it seems like it could be made up stuff not something they believe for sure but it’s hard to say. It’s highly likely that at least some of them actually do believe it. It might be interesting on a science fiction book shelf but they believe it in reality.

Ding Crash!

What Jack you walk into the door and trip over your foot again?

No Evans, it’s time to go it’s been fifteen minutes and your just standing staring into nowhere, let’s get going I’m on a schedule.

Ok, ok give me 2 minutes.

Alright Evan but hurry I don’t have much time to spare.

Jack wisps out the door but this time avoiding conflict with it.

I gather my things, what little I do have and lock up the dump happily knowing I might not ever see it again.
Walking up to the car the old man as the driver, Jack in the front seat he motions his finger pointing toward the back seat and says “get in were leaving”.

Evan this is Scott, he’s been with the organization for thirty years, since its origination.

Scott begins to speak, interrupting the last few words of Jack.

We are going to make your puzzles a bit more interesting but this time you’ll be reading the opinions of some of the staff whom came up with some of the problems you worked with.

It’s important that you realize just as you have done so yourself in the past based on my review of you and that’s not to take much of it seriously, even that of what the staff writes. There’s been some problems, some problems I think you might be able to help us with. Some of the staff members have begun to believe some of what they have researched and well it’s not looking so good.

We need you to pick it apart, scrutinize as you have done, and make them look like fools that believe there own nonsense. Just write as you normally do, that seems to do it well. Turn in what you write to me once a week and I will re-write it and add to it. They won’t even know its coming from you it will appear as if I wrote it but I’ll be re-writing what you say.

Easy enough Scott asks..

Yes, seems like fun, I hope it is more challenging then what I have been working on.

Yes it is Evans; indeed it is but just a little, both Jack and I have agreed your perfect for this. Just write as you normally do but include as much detail as you possibly can.

Jack begins to speak cutting Scott off towards the end of what he had said.

Listen Evan this area where you’ll be working, it will be your own and no one will bother you. My office is just down the hall.

Ok Jack at least it seems better then that gas station..

Those days are over the gas stations closed now for good. You’ll be working in the same places I do for now on, this little project won’t last long and we’ll be onto more interesting things.



Chapter Two

Second Arrival

It was a long drive, very long and one I had never taken. Jack explained to me on the way from the gas station that we will be working in a place I had never been. Jack worked at this new place from time to time which was just a two story office building with dark tented windows.

Scott didn’t talk much he seemed distracted by himself but Jack and him talked a little mostly about policy and my arrival. About three fourths of the way there an hour and a half into the long drive I was given this key card that was red and blue.

The background of the card was all darker blue but the lettering was in red. Most noticeably it said section B-12F on the top.

I asked Jack what the alphanumeric sequence meant and he just replied that it was where I would be working for a few weeks until we do field work and when that transpired situations would change again.

He reminded me that no one would bother me and to be sure I was on-time with my projects.

It sure seems to be the same old puzzles I thought to myself. The” ifs”, possibilities, people’s interpretations and the improbability of their contents being anything of certainty.

Although people going crazy believing such things might serve as an interest. Especially if those believing it are employed by the organization so it makes the puzzle of the mind, situation and its contents somewhat enjoyable.

When the three of us arrived I was instructed just to follow behind them and not to touch or go anywhere other then my designated location. Section B-12F was on the second floor and just down the hall from Jack as he had said.

Once we took the elevator up to the second floor it was easy to find my office, in the hall way there is a water cooler and a bathroom.

I was instructed this time by Scott that I shouldn’t leave that area unless I was leaving the building for the day. Which reminded me I have no place to stay, usually I just sleep under the desk or on a couch.

After I was shown to my office by both Jack and Scott they left, having me slide my new card in the door as to make sure I was settled.

It’s not really clear what it is they do either, its sort of odd because it just seems as though I’m given these fuzzy concepts to write about and I respond how I do and for some reason that is considered work.

My office was fairly large I thought to myself as they left I began to walk in. At first glance I saw a large desk, one indoor plant that looked more like a tree, a filing cabinet and a newer looking computer in screen saver mode. From the distance of the door the flat panel monitor looked at least 30” inches.

Not surprising at all, the organization has never been behind the times technologically.

I walked up to the desk and on the right hand side I noticed three large light brown file folders. The first one on the top was labeled UFO Video Evidences. Sort of surprising to see such a thing, after all Jack and I had talked about UFO’s but I had never had to write about them other then their associations with beliefs such as new age cults. Never have had I reviewed video evidences or at least whatever was on print inside.

I picked up the other two and the first labeled “Artificial Intelligence & Psychological Warfare” and the last “Miscellaneous Phenomenon”. Seems like interesting stuff but these folders are rather big, it’s going to take some time to read all of it. I wonder if I’ll be pressed to finish without getting into the depth of it.

Just then I heard a knocking noise at the door. I went and opened it up and it was Jack again with 4ft high 6 ft long rolling container cart behind him with someone new pushing the cart from behind. I couldn’t really see who it was as the whole way itself was dark, it was after hours and the hall lights were off near pitch black.

Evans I’ve brought some additional materials, did you already notice the case files on your desk?

I have, I’m quite fascinated.

Good Evans here take these Data DVD’s and review them first, you’re staying the night at the office aren’t you?

Yes I am, I’ve got no where else to stay and I would rather save the money.

Very well Evans for tonight only though, I’ll take you around tomorrow to find a place to stay. Rents cheap around here and with your pay increase you can afford it.

Oh by how much Jack, like the last time fifteen dollars or so? <Sarcastic intent>

No about eight hundred fifty and in six months another twelve hundred.

Oh that will do and it’s about time. Not to complain but you know how it is, you were at my pay level before as you had said.

Yes, yes I was about ten years ago, listen I’ve got to be getting going now lets get this cart in here and do what you can tonight on it.

Ok Jack but I do need something to eat I haven’t eaten all day you mind allowing me to go down to that machine I saw on the first floor to get something to eat?

That’s already taken care of Evans I forgot to mention it, on the top of the cart as you open it up you’ll see dinner.

Alright Jack thanks.

Jack left nearly walking into the cart as he turned around to leave.

That man needs to pay more attention to where he is walking, I muttered under my breath.

The cart was pushed in and again I was alone.

First things first the data DVD, it appeared just to be a copied disk like those found in the store for re-writer drives.

I moved the computer mouse around as to get the computer out of the screen saver mode, when I did a voice from the speakers said “Hello Evans, welcome to workstation B12F.

Oh, neat it’s alive and knows who I am.

The contents of the disc came up as video files with two primary folders one labeled “Confirmed Evidences” and the other to the left “Unconfirmed Evidences”. I clicked on Confirmed Evidences, after all if it’s confirmed it seems more worthwhile for my introduction as well as curiosities.

Up came two hundred and eighteen new folders categorized in what seemed to be random numbers, so I clicked on the first one. Within were two files, a video file and a text file both with the names of the random number of the folder but each differing with its unique file extension.

I clicked on the video file and there it was the video that changed how I would think about them forever.


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07 Feb 2006, 11:45 pm

Is anyone interested in a chapter 3?

I do not want to bother if no one is interested thus far.


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08 Feb 2006, 3:39 pm

OK - you have agreat narrative hook which makes me want to continue reading. I felt a pang of apprehension when UFO footage was mentioned because that theme would really have to go off in an unusual direction these days. Yes, I am interested.

The mechanics of the narrative can be taken care of later (grammar, spelling, etc) - much later.

Hope this helps.


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09 Feb 2006, 8:44 pm


I will think of a new chapter, I've been thinking about its contents since I wrote it in 05. What should the next chapter say, where should the story go... Thinking