Does being old-fashioned make me a nerd?

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08 Oct 2009, 6:27 pm

Personally, I love the old 40's torch songs like Cry Me A River or Someone To Watch Over Me. They are great songs but I could do without all the sweeping violins. I am also a fan of old cartoons by Fleischer. I really really enjoy them but they are not the only things I enjoy. I am old-fashioned about romance too. I am actually very socially liberal even if I make old fashioned choices for myself. I had a friend years ago who would go on a first date and tell me about it later. She might say she had an okay time but didn't really think things clicked with the guy and probably wouldn't go out with him again. Then she would casually mention giving him a b.j. :? Has this replaced the goodnight kiss? :lol:


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08 Oct 2009, 6:57 pm

deadeyexx wrote:
Being too old fashioned or having too much interest in trivial things can make you nerdy. It shows detatchment from the immediate happenings around you. I think it depends on how far you take it. If you're still living your life in the current world with a touch of old-time style, there should be no problem.

I always equated "nerd" to mean someone with esoteric, deep interests with few social skills. Or is that someone with AS? :P

I'm definitely "old timey" in my approach to life, and I think it's one of the neatest things about me. I consider myself to be a "traditionalist" but not in the sense that everyone usually thinks. What I mean is that I value and have a huge respect for traditions which have emerged over the centuries in various cultures. There is often a lot of wisdom in tradition, largely because they have been put to the time test and have passed in some form. That means there are elements to that tradition that have worked and possibly can be applied to today's world.

There is also a mystery and nostalgia to traditions long past or removed from the here and now. It's slightly escapist, but it's also forward looking in many respects. I suspect that I have often been accused of being "other worldly" for many of these reasons. Instead of golfing on the weekends, I'm backing over black walnut husks with my car and staining my hands with walnut juice. Or I'm attending a dance weekend that's a 5-hour drive. Or I'm sitting on my porch playing tunes.

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