My "weird" family and the future of society rant

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12 Oct 2009, 10:45 am

I know I can make 2 or 3 different post but I just type things as they came to my mind so please forgiveme.


Our family quote is "If they aren't mad we don't want them".

Starting from our parents to my daughter.

I'm pretty sure my dad is Aspe, my mum has many trait and a typical "male-brain", my wife parents both have typical aspie trait, his father is very Obsessive-Compulsive, and have a great "language memory", he can remember basically every date and is obsessed by his routine and many different things like trains and the like, her mum also have many trait like a picture-mind, she is also pretty cool at error-spotting and can find a "different" cell with eyes before machine test (she is a blood-medic).

My mum is an english teacher, our other parents are all successfull surgerer. We are both physician and both Aspie (actually I'm more than her, I think). Our daughter is HFA. I have 7 cousin. 3 of them have started speaking after 3 years old (I don't know if they have a sort of DX but I know they went to a spech therapist). We (the cousin) are all scientist: mathematician, chemistry, physics, ICT. We have basically all a greater than average IQ.

Now, I know that AS runs in family and I know that people with AS trait have a greater chance to have an AS child. Do you think I must tell my sisters and cousin something about it? (I have no worry about it, we are going for the second child, but I don't know if I must "ethically" tell them something, they are all younger than me).



Are you worried about autism reasearch? Actually I'm reading "Thinking in pictures" and Temple said something remarkable to me, that basically AS trait is what moved the world tecnology, I think that if we accept something like "mild AS" basically 1/3 if not more of the "important scientist" of the history have them and comparing with the total AS/NT dispersion it could be significant.

If they say to you something like: 25% LFA, 50% NT, 25% "genius", don't you go for it? (I'll go for it also without the 25% genius, but it's me, and probably also with a 100% LFA, but it's not the point).
What I was saying is that the fear of a "cure" is right but from a "social" point of view it's not like "down syndrome" or anything like that, basically being "touched by fire" is good (averaging out) for the society. Isn't more important to point that out to make people "don't care" for a "cure"?
How do you do if you were USA President and a scientist will come to you saying: "we will be able to remove AS genes, we will remove a lot of health care cost but we will not have a future scientist's generation".

If the genes are actually the same (as many people thinks) then after having identified them, the society CAN'T stop, it must find what "went wrong" making the "bad things" overwhelming the good. I'm not saying LFA are bad, I'm saying that they can find that we all have "similar gene configuration" but they switch in the wrong moment or something like that and actually it could be possible to cure it, see it as a "partial cure" something that make the society able to switch the right genes in the right development time.

So what do you think? I think that genetic of AS must be studied but we (as a society) can't stop after that but find a way to make the AS-mind develop without AS-sensory issue or too much "bad sides" in general.

Also I think that the "AS epidemy" it's a spot but have also some true. Actually in the past many AS (expecially the less functional) wouldn't be married, now it's possible for a lot of them (we have some in this forum). Also usually an old Aspie men was usually maried with a "good" NT wife. Now men search for something more, women can work and have a good chance to mix up AS genes increasing the chance for an AS child.

I know it's utopistic.

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