Windows Vista Ultimate -> Windows Home Premium 7

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Snowy Owl
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04 Nov 2009, 3:26 pm

Jaydog1212 wrote:
This is where I bought it.
It only offered home premium and pro. Apparently you need Windows 7 Ultimate to upgrade. I was wondering if I could downgrade Vista Ultimate to Vista Home Premium so that I can install the downloaded Windows 7 home premium.

You can't do that. M$ will not let you. They make it real difficult. If you can get a discount for Home Premium, the best thing to do would be t hunt around to see if you can get a cheaper version of Ultimate. Its easier to go from Windows to a MAC then it is to downgrade like what you are trying to do.

What you can and should do is to back up your data from Vista. This should NOT be shadow copies. If you use a NAS drive for backups, use Filezilla to access it, not anything from Vista Ultimate. The media center doesn't have all of the backup and restore features that Ultimate does. You can also get an external hard drive and backup to that if you don't have an internal hard drive.

Install 7. You will probably have an option to import settings and user data from previous computers. When you partition the disk, don't use the whole thing if you use a NAS drive. That way, you can get on the network, download all the data and then import the settings. (or from the hard drive if you used that.

All of your programs and software will have to be reinstalled so make sure you have all the DVDs and CDs. You may have to use compatibility mode for older programs.


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04 Nov 2009, 3:49 pm

zer0netgain wrote:
Make Win7 only in Ultimate and it would be cheaper to mass produce and market in the long run.

They do....

There are 3 versions of the OS out there. From what I understand, 32bit only, 64bit only and x86 + 64bit. Your key determines which features to install.

I use the x86 & 64bit version as it's easier for me to have one disc