I hate dealing with people who speak poor English

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19 Apr 2018, 2:32 pm


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Coyne wrote:
It could be worse: At least the ground-rep speaks English.

Jackpot777 wrote:
I had this problem the other day. I called PPL (Pennsylvania Power & Light) to tell them some chavs, probably with ASBOs for all I care, were chucking johnnies full of something (that looked like Tizer) at our mum's caravan and her telly was on the fritz so could they send out one of their geezers to have a butcher's? We did call the rozzers but it's like they don't like a palaver so they didn't do sweet Fanny Adams. They told me they didn't understand a word I was saying, I told them it was the Queen's Own and maybe if they couldn't twig what I was going on about, maybe they shouldn't be here but they should shufti over to the old dear's and sort it out.


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