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08 Nov 2009, 11:46 pm

I have PDF graphs that I need to put into text. I downloaded a 30 day trial. It seems to transfer the data into text yet still has the box where I can't seem to add anything right above or below the graph. I also can't delete some of the words right above or below. What am I doing wrong?


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09 Nov 2009, 11:46 am

Essentially, PDF is an end-of-the-line format - designed for printing a document on an arbitrary medium, with the minimum distortions.

If you want something that is editable, you have to pay Adobe for the privilege. That also will only be useful if the document is not locked. You are then in the game of taking a snapshot of the screen (or scanning a printed copy) in order to OCR the text.

So far as converting graphs to text... I'm not sure what you mean.

If you have already got the data in a text format (e.g. as a CSV file), I'd suggest you just use OpenOffice to reload it as a spreadsheet, and then construct whatever graphs you want there.

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