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01 Feb 2010, 5:42 pm

When my son turned 16, he said he was interested in learning to drive but never did anything to make it happen so we waited until he was ready. When he turned 18, he decided it was time. When he first started taking lessons, I did speak with the woman who was responsible for scheduling his driving lessons. With his permission, I explained that he has AS and as a result, was a little anxious. I explained that he would do better with someone who was very patient and calm. She said she had a few instructors that would probably be good with him and she made it a point to set him up with them for his lessons. We got good reports from his driving instructors and he got lots of positive feedback. He does drive well. He got his license this past October, Although he says he feels comfortable behind the wheel, he hasn't driven on his own yet - partly because we'd prefer he get more experience before he does and partly because he hasn't really pushed the issue, either. I figure, as soon as he feels ready, he'll ask to borrow the car.