If I were a fish stoned to the fins I'd be.

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19 Feb 2006, 12:51 am

I'm a big fat weak willed b***h. With extra added GuineaPig.

Rave music makes me feel so good I want to find a way to smoke shoot or snort it.

This is a place for memememememe to talk about mememememememmeme,because my feelings are obviously so important.

you get the idea..


Oh yeah, I like computer games, art,Magic The Gathering, weightloss,excersizing,guineapigs, art,leather trenchcoats,pretty boys in black leather, techno, martial arts, books,The Rasmus,Prozac, sleeping, and pretty much everything reclusive.

I'm also currently in Love. This seems to be going exceptionally well. Diagnosed w/ AS,ADHD and Bipolar Type I.


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19 Feb 2006, 7:47 am

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :D