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28 Jan 2010, 7:26 am

leejosepho wrote:
Fuzzy wrote:
Before she died, a portion of her body was taken as a sample, and those cells were provided with nutrition and a favorable environment and they have persisted ever since. In fact they have been made to grow and divide. In the 50 years since, what has developed from that sample is probably a not insignificant mass in proportion to her original body.

That is no different than an old photo laying around and even being "reproduced":

She does not breath -- she is dead.

We breath through the respiration of oxygen into the cells of our lungs. Other cells respirate too, but at a slower rate. She certainly has no muscles drawing breath to the surface of those cells, but someone who is paralyzed and on machine assisted respiration is in the same boat.

davidred wrote...
I installed Ubuntu once and it completely destroyed my paying relationship with Microsoft.