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03 Mar 2010, 8:17 am

wigglyspider wrote:
Quatermass wrote:
fidelis wrote:
I have watched a few episodes. I really like it, but I can't seem to find a good place online to watch it (don't get BBC). The main problem is I cant find the begging. I can't watch anything unless i have seen it in order.

I dunno where to find the first story (variously called An Unearthly Child and 100,000 BC) online, but a DVD boxset called The Beginning Boxset has the first three Doctor Who stories: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, and The Edge of Destruction. This boxset has a wonderful documentary on the creation of the program called Doctor Who: Origins, as well as a pilot version of the original story which was never meant to be transmitted.

Here's the first part of the first episode from YouTube. This is not the pilot version, as most versions on YouTube appear to be, but rather the version transmitted.


I recommend that, if you can borrow the DVD set, do so.
Thank you for posting the video!! I read somewhere that the first episode, or maybe a couple episodes in the first season, had been lost forever. It's really cool to see the first episode and know it's not dead. :3
Living in the US, I'm one of the newbies to the series and came into not knowing anything about the Doctor's past or the Time Lords or anything. (So to me he has always been the Last of the Time Lords, and the Time War is only an old story.) it's kind of fun because the series is so long, seeing the old episodes feels like uncovering real history, like a lost tomb or something!

The first three stories are available. Unfortunately, the entirety of the fourth Doctor Who story, Marco Polo, is missing. All missing stories and episodes have audio recordings (made by fans), and they often have clips available from various sources. There is a good list of what is currently missing and what is available from missing episodes on Wikipedia: ... g_episodes

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04 Mar 2010, 9:56 am

There were also some stories that didn't make the series

Here is a list there is more detail on Wikipedia

[u]First Doctor

The Giants
Where The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara go to a planet and they are shrunk to miniature size and the doctor reveals that he escaped from his home planet in the year 5733 to seek a perfect society.

The Masters of Luxor
All I know is that in this story The Doctor and companions have to stop a legion of robots

Farewell Great Macedon
The Doctor and his companions are framed in a conspiracy to kill Alexander the Great and they are face with various trials one including walking on hot coal to gain trust on his bodyguard Ptolemy

The Fragile Yellow Arc Of Fragrance

The Red Fort
Written by Terry Nation and was set on the british raj in India but was rejected as they wanted another Dalek story

The Hidden Planet/Beyond The Sun
The Story would have concerned a planet in an orbit opporsite Earth with a parallel but in some ways oppersite society of Earth. Were woman would be the dominent sex. In this story Ian and Barbara were due to leave

The Second Doctor

The Imps
The Imps was to be set in a space station that is overun by imp like aliens and aggresive alien vegitations.

The Prison In Space
The Doctor and Jamie were to be inprisoned and Zoe was to start a sexual revelution and then be brainwashed.

The Impersonators
Which was the original planned final Patrick Troughton story but due to budget they decided to extend The War Games to 10 Episodes

The Third Doctor

Daleks In London
The story was similar to Dalek Invasion Of Earth except set in London in 1972 the script was rejected and it became Day of the Daleks

The Final Game
Jon Pertwee's final story The story was to feature The Master and to reveal that they were two aspects of the same person The Doctor being the interlectual part and The Master being The Violent. The story was scrapped because Roger Delgado the actor who played The Master was killed in a car crash

The Fourth Doctor

Killers Of The Dark
The story was to be set on Galifrey the script had elements of drawn from Asian cultures and a race of cat people. It was originally a six parter which was to end series 15 but Invasion Of Time was written in it's place also set on galifrey

The Doomsday Contract/Shylock
The Doctor is called to intervene with a corperation tries to buy Earth in order to buy a matter-transmutation devise

Only one half of the story was filmed and was to conclude Series 17.

The Divided
There is no detail of the script

The Fifth Doctor

Project Zeta Sigma
Was originally Peter Davison's first story but was not going to continue from Logopolis

Songs Of The Space Whale
In the story a group of people living in the belly of a space whale. The Doctor finds this out while attempting to protect the creature from being slaughtered by a rusting factory ship. It was also to introduce Vislor Turlough to the show.

May Time/Manwatch
Was to be a third story to feature the mara.

The Sixth Doctor
Planned 1986 Series which featured

Yellow Fever and How To Cure It
Three part story to be set in Singapore and to feature the Autons as the monsters featuring either The Master or The Rani or both appearing

Which was to be based around the destruction of galifrey the script was replaced by Trial of The Time Lord arc

Trial Of The Time Lord: Candidates
Several scripts were comissioned for possible third four segments of Trial of The Time Lord a position was taken by Terror Of The Vervoids but the other scripts were

Attack Of The Mind
Set on the planet Penelope

Pinacotheaca/The Last Adventure

Paradise Five
Paradise Five story was to feature The Doctor and Mel going undercover to expose sinisters goings on, on a holiday planet.

The Seventh Doctor

Was to feature aliens looking for their God King in tsarist Russia the idea was rejected in favour for Ghost-Light

Planned Series 27

Earth Aid
Earth Aid was to open with Ace sitting in the captains chair of a space ship the story was to focus on the politics of humanitarian Aid.

Ice Time
Ice Time was to feature The Ice Warrior's in London in the 1960s and would have seen the departure of Ace to the Prydonian academy to become a Time-Lord. The story was to introduce Sam Tollinger who was to become a recurring role. The plot will also feature an Ice Warrior's armour in the London dungeons and two reincarnated Ice Warrior's continuing a lonf rivalry.

Crime Of The Century
Was to introduce a new companion called Kate Tollinger who is Sam Tollinger's daughter she is a cat burgular and safecraker The story was to feature drug smuggling and a house which is a base for the doctor.

Was to be Sylvester McCoy's last story The Doctor is lured to an isolated asteroid to play a series of life or death games in which The Doctor is driven insane leading to his regeneration

others were intended as well including

Night Thoughts
A horror story set on an isolated planet

Illegal Aliens
A cyberman story set in the 1940s

A School For Glory
Set during World War 1

A lovecraftian horror

A futuristic thriller

The Tenth Doctor

Stephen Fry Script
A story set during David Tennants first series set in the 1920s but the script was replaced by Fear Her

Century House
Was to feature The Doctor appearing on Most Haunted investigating a house haunted by The Red Widow with Martha Jones watching at home as a framing device.

Thats it for now there is a bit more detail on Wikipedia

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05 Mar 2010, 8:24 am

MrMacPhisto wrote:
First Doctor

The Giants
Where The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara go to a planet and they are shrunk to miniature size and the doctor reveals that he escaped from his home planet in the year 5733 to seek a perfect society.

That sounded like an episode I did see, and it turns out I am right - the idea of miniaturizing the main characters was eventually used for the series 2 story Planet of Giants.