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10 Feb 2010, 2:33 pm

PlatedDrake wrote:
I actually enjoyed life with my two younger brothers, and our parents were fairly good at keeping us in line (assuming no one here minds using a paddle for discipline). We kept things fairly democratic (2:1 vote wins), our interests ran the same way (most of the time), and our arguments were short-lived. We never got into physical arguments with each other (our parents would tear our butts up if we did), and we were able to help each other out when needed (homework, etc). It all depends on the parenting . . . having more than one child you have to ensure the love is spread equally.
Ooh, actually, I wasn't thinking about it when I made my post, but this is totally true. I have a HFA friend with 3 siblings (all of the sort of AS-ish) and their parents keep everything in PERFECT order, and from what I've seen, they all get along very well most of the time. It's a very well-run organization. They have charts for who does what chores and stuff like that so nobody has to argue, and the parents have raised all the kids to be open and honest so they never play dirty or anything.

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