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20 Feb 2010, 10:08 am

I have dreams too! Once I dreamed that this boy I had a crush on started playing with my hair one day. The next thing I know, he was doing it, exactly the same way it was in my dream. I dreamt the same person won an award, then that year he did. Then I dreamed that we would kiss, and we did. Then another time I dreamed my friend got fired from her job but my other friend didn't. The exact same thing happened in real life. The most recent one was about this other boy I like now. I dreamt we were joking around and ended up on the floor laughing really hard together. Then about 2 weeks later, one of my friends tackled him to the ground, then picked me up and put me on top of him. We were laughing really hard. These could all be coincidences, but when I have a particularly vivid dream now, I start waiting for it to actually happen. It's like I can even tell the diffence between dreams that will come true and dreams that won't. I just get a feeling. I don't even believe in all this psycic stuff either, I'm just stating facts.

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20 Feb 2010, 3:55 pm

Dreams. Now that is a whole different subject, but I am sure it applies. I have dreams from childhood that I am in a city familiar to me, and I am walking down the street and know where I am going, yet I can never identify the city in waking life, but I just 'know' it intimately in my dream. I go to this city often, sometimes down the same street, going to the same shop, or even catching a bus to another location in the city to go to an apartment in a high rise. I am always happy to be there and I know my way around and get around easily.

Sometimes I am in what I think is Hawaii, Kaua'i specifically, because I used to live there, but I am always on my way to a long low white beach front hotel built into the hillside and continuing out onto the beach on piers driven into the sand. I am always coming up on it from the ocean side and seem to know which is my room on the sea view side by a plant on the balcony. I am always trying to get to that room, too. I always feel happy I am there but sorta irritated that I have to "fly" up to my room to get there.

I remember walking along the beach in Oregon near Lincoln City and looking up and THERE WAS THE HOTEL, just like I saw it in my dream! After I stood there staring and grunting and generally just taking it all in, I went into the gift shop and bought several post cards with pictures of the place and have them posted here on my desk. I have a circle around the room with the balcony that I identified as 'my' room. :D

Maybe the dreams have no more meaning than the day to day life I live has no real meaning?


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