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Should these standards be set
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24 Feb 2010, 6:07 pm

Hello I just finished watching a documentry called BCC Pedigreedogs Exposed. This is a very interesting and sad documentry and a biproduct of a 2 year investigation that revealed that many pedigree dogs have serous genetic conditions. This is not surpricing. How ever what shocked and upset me was the fact that there are many dogs registered in the kennel clubs with these horrible dissorders that are shown and bered them despite thier genetic disorders. They often win ribbons going on to pass these dissorders to thier offspring. Why? to pass desired physical traits. there are many people who feel as though there should be strict regulations on whaat sog can be registered or shown. I definatly agree.

I believe that the kennel clubs should Require the following

Any dog who are the biproduct of inter breed can NOT be Shown in best of show or allowed to bred and must be spayed/nuetered

Any dog with genetic disease/ disorder can not be show in a best of breed show and also must be spayed or nuetered.

I also believe the kennel club best of breed should also require good tempermants.

please explain your answer
What are your thoughta?