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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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01 Mar 2010, 5:21 pm

went to the new la fitness today to get a guest pass.

the salesman tried to break my hand when he shook it, then did that wiggly giggly junk to try and intecept my gaze while i talked.

anyway, he turned me away. said i had to print one out on computer. his name is antonio. he's the general manager.

so i walked home 40 minutes. called customer service. the young lady told me that la fitness makes guest passes so readily available that it should be impossible to not find one(unless you're retarded?). i talked autism, pedestrianism, and forgetfullness. she offered no help.

then i got furious. wrote an angry blog. erased it. then called customer service again to threaten them with the furious blog. Talked to manager Mark Hoss. Mark went the one step further to call the branch and arrange a guest pass. he asked me why was i still upset. what else could I possibly want?

and it took me a minute. but i realize now what i want. and what i want is consideration on the first try. because "consideration" as payment for degredation is not fair trade. AND, it is not my business to give businesses consideration for overlooking me. nobody has to call and complain anymore about missing wheel chair ramps...

so now after another minute, i realize what i 'actually' want: i want mark to convince somebody else to act. write a memo, implement some kind of sensitivity training, start a policy discussion, send a text... something, anything, which says that mark understood my situation well enough to not only make somebody else in his company understand it, but to provoke that person to action. one act. that is exactly what i want. not an act which says we cordially agree to never bring this up again. an act that says we intend to never let this happen again.

leave a copy at your local la fitness if you like. tell them Fong Ku sent you. ah ha hahahahah hah ha ha haaa...!

fong ku !

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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01 Mar 2010, 6:22 pm

Ugh, I hate pushy salespeople. Thats why I always have my headphones on and avoid eye contact. Probably get me pegged for a shoplifter a lot. I had one lady get really uppity with me for it, so I left. Sometime I tell them straight out that they are making me really uncomfortable and will just drive me to leave. If they are too stupid not to stop agitating their potential customer, then they deserve to lose the business.


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01 Mar 2010, 7:47 pm

Gym people are pushy and do their damndest to give you an inferiority complex. That's why I don't go there. Upper body muscular development is largely for show / sex appeal, not for actual power. Chances are, I could put one of these buffcakes through a wall, because their center of gravity is too high.