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11 Mar 2010, 5:05 pm

Philologos wrote:
And, off to one side, but not irrelevant:

I am a great direction finder. I do not get lost easily, if I do I know how to get back to familiar territory. I read maps easily and happily - one of my interests. Used to have a great collection. I know how to tell if I am going north or southwest. Some areas I know like the back of my hand.

AND, with this - there are only a few NAMES of roads I actually know. I know the landmarks and turns to get from here to West Chicago and my brother-in-law's house, a moderately complx two hour run. And out of the whole trip I know about four road NAMES, and one of them I am not sure of.

Better to know how to get from here to thew Post Office than to know every street name in town and gdet lost.

Ditto. (I am also a map collector that hardly gets lost :D ) and I hardly know the names of roads or even the districts I am in (for instance, I may know that I am in the NORTHWEST San Fernando Valley at the time, but will not be sure if I am in Woodland Hills/Encino/West Hills or whatever. Yet I kind easily find my way/have a great "sense of direction" and actually enjoy the act of driving, although the other drivers make me anxious and irritated many times

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