Are most Aspies unable to work or live independently?

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17 Jun 2017, 3:21 pm

I live with my mom and sister currently. I was living with my dad for a while, but he couldn't really take care of me properly and I was spending most of my time home alone there and it just wasn't working. I wish I could live independently, but my therapist and family think it is a long shot. I'm currently in school and I just recently got a part-time job shelving books and helping people in a library. I have had trouble keeping jobs in the past, but this one is going well so far. I used to drive, but I'm not very good at it so I stopped just to be safe and gave my sister my car.

I like to defeat the odds however, and am determined to become as independent as possible. I might eventually move out but get a roommate that is understanding and supportive of my Autism but not someone who is forced to act like a babysitter or anything.

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25 Jun 2017, 11:55 am

I work and live independently. DX in my late 20's.

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