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05 Aug 2020, 12:56 pm

almost 40

Studied computers , piano performance and classical composition.
Professional musician composer producer .....
I do math play chess and 3d modelling gfx stuff in my free time.

Ridiculously good looking with absolutely no ability to use it for any gain.
Best friend is a dog.

[url]Lil G ... ot78je1x1g[/url]

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28 Aug 2020, 11:51 pm

Great Information.Thanks for sharing

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24 Jan 2021, 10:45 am

Hi I am new here! My hobbies are music, specifically harmonica playing, and martial arts. Feel free to message me :)

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21 Jun 2021, 1:54 pm

Yo. I'm Casey and after 33 years of awkwardiosy and indeed feeling like I am on the wrong planet I am finally taking the possibility of me being autistic seriously. I am debating on pursuing a diagnosis. Sounds very difficult yet I'm a single mom of two and although I do my personal best, I feel like thay need me to be more personable..something that does not come easily. So I may need the help a diagnosis will provide.
AQ score 38/50
Rdos test autistic spect. 176/200 Neuro typ. 40/200
Raads r test178/240
Opinions more than welcome!!
Also nice to meet yall. Loving the website so far.