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31 Mar 2010, 5:16 pm

Hi everyone,

I am trying out Alice 2.2 to learn software programming. I have downloaded it twice as there was a glitch in the first tutorial. I still cannot find a version without this glitch. On advice of someone on the Alice forum, it was suggested that I try to find the software from someone who has an uncorrupted version......note: it seems to be okay in Windows and I can't see any feedback for linux. Also the tutorial gets to page 31 before it has a bollocky snit and won't work. The message that comes up is something along the lines of "Alice thinks you have not followed the instructions properly. Please go back to the mistake and try again". Yep, gone over and over it. I even tried downloading it from another site.

I have a Mac.....OSX(snow leopard) 10.5.8. All software updates are downloaded and all seems good with my system as far as having the right requirements to run Alice 2.2.

Any takers? ANY input would be much appreciated for this software newbie :(

Thanks in advance,


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