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15 Apr 2010, 5:20 am

I recently read about autistic catatonia. Has anyone been diagnosed with this? I was recently told by my neurologist that I have a lot of features of parkinsons and narcolepsy but they didnt know what its due to. The guess is an arachnoid cyst in the back of my brain, but now Im wondering if I could have autistic catatonia. The parkinsonian features started when I was about 15 and were not medicine induced, although meds make them worse. I have always had sleep problems. I couldnt find any evidence of narcolepsy as a symptom of catatonia, but im wondering if its related. There are no autism specialists that I can find in my state becides ones for children. Where can I find a specialist in autism, because regular psychistrists dont know a thing about it.


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15 Apr 2010, 12:16 pm

I don't know if there are any qualified autism specialists in your area (not knowing where you are), maybe if you tell us where you live someone in that area might know of someone. Maybe even someone who sees kids will still see you (he'd know how few adult autism specialists there are near you) or can refer you to someone who deals with grownups.

I did look up autistic catatonia in Bing and it gave me this as the first answer. It is long but seems to have lots of information. It's not in American english so I don't know what country this came from but you might want to look it over anyway. I looked at 3 pages of your previous posts trying to find out where you live but I didn't find a post where you said, but I saw you had some traffic trouble from impulsivity. The third table said 16 of the 30 people in the catatonic group had impulsivity problems, so that was interesting to me.

Hope this was of some help!

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