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27 Apr 2010, 11:02 am

Metal_Man wrote:
SuperTrouper wrote:
I'm a visual thinker. I translate every word I read or hear into a picture or movie in my head, so that I can understand it. That's why I don't speak very well. I write much better than I speak because I am allotted more time to do the translation.

Same for me.

This is what I do too. I can speak well given the time and not being in a stressful situation (ie. anytime I feel pressure), but I definitely express myself much better in writing.

I always picture what is being said verbally. Sometimes this leads to funny literal interpretations. It's the only way I can take in verbal info though, which can be frustrating when someone is speaking too fast and my right brain can't keep up with my mind maps.

It's also frustrating when someone starts rattling off directions about a task and I have to stop them and tell them they lost me. and I need to either write it down or they need to show me.

When thinking I've noticed that sometimes I need to close my eyes to block out all other visual stimulation, so I can find the right words, using pictures in my head - only it's like I imagine them in a space just in front of my head.