who on WP finds city life too complicated?

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who on WP finds big-city life too complicated?
i take to big-city complexity like a duck takes to water 31%  31%  [ 8 ]
i barely tolerate it but i do function adequately in the big city 42%  42%  [ 11 ]
i had to flee the big city for the countryside long ago 8%  8%  [ 2 ]
the city life totally repelled me from the beginning 19%  19%  [ 5 ]
Total votes : 26


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02 May 2010, 11:38 pm

Mdyar wrote:
Its generally a 'Jim Dandy' if you don't stick out; notice -stick out. Like having exactly the same ethics .

"stick out" - haha :lol:
therein lies the problem. i don't like mean people, and i am surrounded by them. i cannot become like them even if i tried. i thought i was able to leave the meanies behind when i left [un]civil service, but i just went from the frying pan into the fire.