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10 May 2010, 8:45 pm

I read about these in one of Temple Grandin's book, and wanted to give it a shot. Except the one diagnostician in my entire state hasn't returned my phone calls in close to two weeks. (I made two calls.) And there's not even a diagnostician for the neighboring state.

Does anyone actually have these? How on earth did you go about obtaining them?


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10 May 2010, 9:20 pm

I don't have them, but I have looked into them...Look into "Vison Therapy" in your area, and you might find places that offer them


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10 May 2010, 9:28 pm

Yeah, some years ago. It was hugely expensive, but I only needed the testing once to get the idea. After that (and after my first pair of super-expensive glasses broke), I'd just look for sunglasses with approximately the right color. My current set are shooting glasses (because they came with a pack of 5 different colored lenses), which work well enough. I might get some proper glasses again at some point if I have the $$$.

I found it helped with 3-d perception, and tends to reduce overload somewhat. Objects seperate out from the background more readily. I always use them when I drive now. It wasn't hugely dramatic, but I was surprised. Sometimes they even "clear up" things enough that it's mentally tiring after a while, so I end up taking them off on purpose.

If money or getting into see someone is a big deal maybe experiment some with colored sunglasses, or some colored overlays. The testing that I had was all done in terms of how test looked on a page. I normally see a "shimmering" effect, and lines that seem to dance around across the text. Also little patches of text jumping a little out of position and then back. When those things were minimized by a certain color that was the "match." I actually hardly ever use them for reading, but all the 3-d and overload improving effects seemed to happen with that same color.

And IDK if you already know, but Irlen stuff is (i think) usually done in regards to dyslexia. Maybe a search for dyslexia resources might give more results.