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11 Jun 2010, 9:49 pm

ooOoOoOAnaOoOoOoo wrote:
ruveyn wrote:
If the Ixtoc 1 oil spill of 1979 did not kill sea life in the Gulf of Mexico (that oil spewed out for over ten months, by the way), so why should the current oil spill kill off sea life in the Gulf?


That's because half the oil that reached the surface burned, while a third of it evaporated, according to Pemex. So far, in the Gulf, very little has been burned or has evaporated. The extent of the damage caused by this spill has yet to be determined.

If we both live another ten years I will bet that at the end of ten years the marine life in the Gulf will be a flourishing as it ever was. Just like the area in Alaska where the Exxon Valdez broke up.

The way I look at it, if the Siberian and Deccan traps did not destroy life on earth than a little leaking oil won't either.



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11 Jun 2010, 9:55 pm

It is flourishing somewhat near and in Prince William Sound. They are still experiencing problems with their fishing industry. The oil spill wiped out the Herring and it hasn't returned.

Humans are having the toughest time of all.

Hydrocarbons effect species of fish in different ways. Some are more sensitive than others and it can result in baby fish who cannot make it to adulthood because of deformations.

Then, there's the enormous toll on humans. mostly the ones who make a living fishing and the businesses that depend on these fishing communities.