New Age/Indigo/Crystal Children = Asperger Children?

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06 Jun 2010, 7:11 pm

MONKEY wrote:
The majority of so called "indigo kids" get diagnosed with autism/AS/ADHD anyway. They might find the autie's quiet and mysterious nature to be a supernatural thing. I think it's utterly ridiculous myself but at the same time it's kind of nice to view your child as some magical/other worldly type of person as opposed to defective or whatever.

i read a book on indigo children and thought it was mostly bunk.

but yeah, i think everyone could benefit from seeing the magic in the neurodiverse. all you have to do is read a little about savants to recognize that there is something untapped in most people that is quite extraordinary. it would only make sense that most on the spectrum would have a little bit of something extraordinary going on, even if it's just heightened senses. you lose a little from column A, gain a little in column B. yes, it is also a disability; but seeing autism only in that way isn't very empowering, is it?

so i think the new-agers have a much better approach than the curebies even if it's a little misguided.

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