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10 Apr 2006, 7:11 pm

I'm the father of a 16 year old boy with AS. Also, have a profoundly autistic, retarded boy of 13. Our family is seriously isolated. We are humbly looking for advice on how to find others who would interact with us. We reside in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. I am new at this so pleae bear with me. Any advice on the correct route to this is appreciated. My 16 loves the PC, so this site may be a start, but we lack social contact as a family. Please feel free to set up private e-mail contact.


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12 Apr 2006, 8:42 pm

have you tried asking the school for any suggestions ? at the school i teach at ( SED 14-21), we put out a quarterly newsletter for parents. along with the usual updates of classroom activities, fundraisers etc, we also post information about social activities that students might participate in when not in school.our school also runs a parent support group.....if you're talking about support for you, there might possibly be a state resource center for autism that could lead you to people who could help~ it can be a very isolating experience. some people just don't understnd, and they never will...i took my students to a LARGE university museum yesterday, and the Education Coordinator stood back from my students ( mostly Autistic and/or MR) as if she might "catch it". :evil: have you tried surfing the internet for local associations ?