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08 Jun 2010, 11:46 pm

I don't understand why people who say "F those people who ignore your messages" are the main ones who do it. I cant even count all of them on my hand. My older brother is one of them. I dont get it. I have learned to take what NTs say with a grain of salt becuase most of the time they are just talking with their:

"Everyone gets bullied" but then they say "You need to put your foot down then you wont get bullied so much"

"F those people who ignore your messages" but then they are the main ones who ignore your text. Why are they like this.

Is it their F it mentality that makes them able to ignore the messages? idk

Snowy Owl
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09 Jun 2010, 12:14 am

60% of bullies have a felony on their record by the age of 24. This is the best predictor of future criminality that we know of.

6% of kids are bullies who don't get bullied, and have symptoms matching either sociopathy or NPD.

3% of kids both bully and are bullied. They often have some impulse control problems like ADHD or bipolar.

6% of kids get bullied but aren't bullies. They get all sorts of mental health problems because of it.

The main reason people give out stupid advice when it comes to bullying is, they honestly don't know how to deal with bullies any better than you do, but don't want to admit it. Or they're in the 9% of bullies themselves.

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