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19 Jan 2011, 8:14 pm

Yeah I know someone who tried to control his rocking (because he wanted to, not because others wanted to) in the daytime, and eventually his mother told him that at night he was rocking in his sleep so violently that he was damaging the bed. And lots of people find that if you suppress stimming you get more self-injury.

In my case stimming seems to add to my understanding of the world, and if I don't do it things are much more confusing and chaotic. It's like the perceptions of everything around me come into my body and move my body around and somehow that makes me understand things better. Plus there's the assorted movements that happen with certain emotions or situations that are different in most ways from the usual movements people have in those situations. I was trying to make a video catalog of them for staff at one point but kept forgetting.

"In my world it's a place of patterns and feel. In my world it's a haven for what is real. It's my world, nobody can steal it, but people like me, we live in the shadows." -Donna Williams