Fast Intelligence versus Slow Intelligence

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20 Mar 2011, 7:39 pm

dcforeman wrote:
especially when my only motivation is that some people in my society don't appreciate my talents.

Defeatism, and vanity. Why should other people appreciate your talents? Learn to be happy, knowing you did your best. Performing like a chimp, failing to get praise, then cursing society for your own feelings is where most people seem to go wrong here.

I do a job, for the satisfaction of a job well done. I've completed dozens of projects, 80% of which were failures, just makes the mediocre successes and single big success all the more worth it when they turned up.

If you think negative, then you're self defeating from the start. If you think positive, and you still fail, at least you're happier then you would have been.

Remember you're one person among billions, who much do you really expect to stand out anyway?

Its hardly that simple, I mean I can be as positive as I want but I still feel the same.


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29 Jun 2014, 4:44 am

dcforeman wrote:
Intelligence, in it's most basic form. Is the ability to problem solve. The faster you can problem solve, the more intelligent you are. The more types of problems you can solve, the better you are.

silly, rude, arrogant and ridiculous person.

There may be some harder problems that the faster one can never solve even given a century of time, whereas the usually slower one will still be able to solve.

Someone may have a lower crystallized intelligence (knowledge) due to absorbing information at a slowish speed, but may have a high fluid intelligence (ability to make patterns and connections).
The person who is 'fast' may be able to read and generally absorb information very quickly and therefore have a lot of knowledge, whereas someone who is seen as 'slow' may be, with much less information at their disposal, to make connections that the fast one would NEVER be able to.


Yeah I know this is an old thread, but I randomly got here, and He annoyed me throughout the thread.