Am I the only who feels so unattached to peoples emotions?

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30 Aug 2006, 6:12 pm

Last August when I was at my cousin's wedding, my grandmother had to have an oxygen tank and have these tubes connected to her nose because we were at the summit of the mountain where the wedding was being held. I did not feel thing for my grandmother. Then she had to go back down to town because the lack of oxygen up there was too much for her elderly lunges. I did not know she left until I noticed she wasn’t anywhere in sight. I asked where she was and Mom told me she had to go back down. I still didn’t feel anything. All I felt was good thing that wasn’t me, I feel sorry for her she has to miss out on the fun. Good thing I’m still young. Then that night after the wedding I learned she had a heart attack but learned she is going to be alright but started to get pain in my chest from hearing all the stories about my grandmother from my Mom and Dad. I felt I was having a heart attack too. I was scared she was going to die, I was scared she would have to go with us (because the pass in the mountains might be too much for her on the way back to Denver) and we wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted to do so I was upset by it. Luckily the doctor said the next day she could go back to Denver to board the plane back to Wisconsin. Boy was I happy when I heard that news. Do NTs feel feelings from other people all the time like I just did with my grandmother?

That was my first time ever I reacted that way to someone who is in pain. I had never felt it in me before. All I had were thoughts. I thought everyone had feelings for others that way instead of actually feeling them. I have never felt anything from people since then. I guess the situation has to be real extreme to someone I love where they are in bad health they have to go to the hospital, something they had to go there for that people die from.

Sometimes I wish I could be NT for just one day to see the difference between them and my own world.


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30 Aug 2006, 7:35 pm

hale_bopp wrote:
I'm pretty unattached to people's emotions.


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31 Aug 2006, 9:15 am

cellogirl42 wrote:
I have little or no compassion for people, even my family, but what is odd is that I get sudden rushes of affection for inanimate objects, like pillows, books, or strangest of all, my tennis racket, although I never play it.

Like me, exactly. I wouldn't be lying if I said I felt love for inanimate objects, the most mundane things. Sometimes I've come across things packed away that I thought were lost years ago, and felt the happiness that I suppose most people feel on seeing an old friend. Yet a while ago, for instance, my uncle was in hospital quite seriously ill, and I felt absolutely nothing; it wouldn't even cross my mind during the day unless someone else happened to mention it.


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05 Sep 2006, 12:29 am

I feel emotions for people but have trouble showing it sometimes. I get overwhelmed by other peoples' extreme emotions and have to get away. Especially if they are screamers, whether screaming for joy or otherwise. It's been worse since I heard my neighbor getting murdered. I get flashbacks of her screaming at odd times and have nightmares about it. She was a good person and I think I have guilt because I couldn't find a way to help her. It happened so fast. If I hear someone scream, I panic and shake all over.