The best of jobs, the worst of jobs

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08 Jul 2010, 8:55 am

to be so to my self i'm working on two careers that i have to inter act ahhh

actress, model, poet. worst job but my goals so haha. :lol: :lol:


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08 Jul 2010, 10:27 am

My first job was when I was 15 I had to plant over a thousand pine trees on my fathers property my father scored the trees for free. He gave me a dirt bike for getting it done in three days. 8) My friends and I rode that dirt bike all summer long. It was a great summer.

My second job was when I was 16 I worked partime at my friends gamestore where I stocked shealves, ran demo games, made orders, and boxed up mail order shipments.

Another partime job I got was cleaning up a bakery in a supermarket when I was 17. I did my job as fast as i could so I could hang out with my brother who worked in the bulk food department. We take swollen jugs of sour milk and put a wet paper bag over the jug so we could hide in the card board compactor so who ever worked the compactor would get sprayed by stinky sour milk. :twisted:

I did land scapping with a guy I grew up with we would get high then mow rich peoples yards. I got paid under the table I quit when I turned 21 so I could get a job with better pay. I did have a lot of fun doing the landscapping though.

When I was 21 I started a job at a resteraunt where I did salad prep, dish washing, and stockroom management. The other workers treated my like a pariah. I tried to put out resumes and job applications for 9 years but no one was intrested in hiring me. I was tormented beyond belief. My first day working on the job when I was at the breakroom this guy got up to make a phone call and another guy next to him spit in his drink when he left. He said if you mess with me you will get worst. 8O

I quit the resteraunt job after 9 years and got a job with a temp service. I tried four temp services but did not pass the math tests they gave out so I went with one who gave me a test but did not even look at it. They sent me to jobs even an illegal alien would turn down all dirty and low paying.

One of the temp jobs I was sent to was working at machine shop as a machine operator. As a machine operator I was full of anxiety around the loud machines it was horrible. I had two days left with this company when the metal finisher quit so they asked me to try my hand at metal finishing. To everybodies suprised I was better at than the metal finisher who quit who had worked there for ten years so they kept me. I worked there for 9 years until they ran out of work for me so now I have been laid off since October 09. :(

While laid off I learned about Aspergers and that I strongly believe I have it. On August 6th I am going in for testing. I have put 67 resumes and failed at three interviews I am strongly thinking I might try to get on SSI. I never had a job I had to interview for I got jobs by friends setting them up for me and by being at the right place and the right time.

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die -Hunter S. Thompson

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08 Jul 2010, 12:27 pm

The best job I ever had was my current part-time job, which I still hold. Its working in a college administration office. I am fairly incompetent, but the management likes me, because I a great communicator, plus I am pleasant and likable. Over half of my co-workers are retired schoolteachers, mostly elderly women. They look down their nose at me because I only have a bachelor's degree while they have masters degrees. A few of them are nice, but a lot of them are real b*****s. Its a really soft job, but they are too negative to appreciate that. The management can't stand them because of their bad attitudes and frequent insubordination.
Of course they need me, because they can't figure out how to use computers. I have very limited computer skills myself, but I can actually write and save documents using a word-processing program, send and receive e-mail, surf the internet, and create simple power-point presentations. I can even load paper into the printer and photocopier, change toner cartridges, and fix paper-jams. So in their eyes, I am some kind of computer whiz, so I earn points by helping them use their computers.
Also, I earned the undying affection of my current boss, a 40ish guy who like me is pleasant and likable and not exactly a star performer.However, while I am merely discreetly mediocre at my job without attracting a lot of negative attention, he is really spectacularly, flamboyantly clueless, a bumbling, shriekingly obvious train wreck of a manager. I have been unfailing loyal to him, earning me the wrath of the old schoolteacher b*****s. I hold to the motto that efficiency is overrated. I mean the efficient thing to do would be to hold my pay and benefits down, while squeezing a lot of work out of me. Why should I want that?

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08 Jul 2010, 9:49 pm

The best job I ever had was as a firefighter in my hometown. I could walk to work, the people were members of my community. I went to school with some of the people I worked with. It was very laid back, but when there was a call, we worked hard. I was serving my town and it was the greatest feeling actually being able to help someone.

The worst job I had is tied between several. One was in corrections. A polyester costumed babysitter for violent adult babies. One was a union job. Don't work too hard 'cause you're making Jerry over there look bad. One was doing tedious exploitative process-work in an office for a lazy, greedy, liar of a boss.

Seems you can't keep the good jobs and the bad jobs are like getting an STD - you can't get rid of them.

Best jobs - coworkers laid back, friendly. Managers respectful, consider you valuable. You do important things. You come home feeling good.

Worst jobs - petty coworkers, stab you behind your back. Managers only care about money. You are nothing but an asset that can be bought, sold, or exploited. Boring and tedious. You come home feeling drained.