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29 Jun 2010, 5:33 pm

Sowlowsolo wrote:
Hi Doreen
Welcome. I've not been here long and only suspect that I have AS. I can relate strongly to your story.
I am 45. I have never married but I have had 2 relationships. One lasted on and off for about 6 years (I have a wonderful 20 yr old son from this relationship)
The next relationship happened 12 years later and lasted 4 1/2 years but again was very much on and off. Infact this relationship is only recently over and it still hurts at this moment in time :cry:

I hope we can be friends to the best of our ability (or disability as the case may be)

Regards Solo x

I hope we can ALL be friends! I'm glad I've found Felt very lonely until I came here x


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29 Jun 2010, 6:10 pm

Gareth wrote:
And feel free to call me friend on Facebook if you want to. I'm Gareth Dowson [the good looking one! ha ha]

Oh, my goodness, there are five Gareth Dowsons on Facebook and they all are good looking! Feel free to friend me. Look for Sparrow Jones and then pick the one with the same icon as I use in the forums here. Remind me that you're from Wrong Planet when you send the friend message because I can be scatter-brained sometimes.

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30 Jun 2010, 4:11 pm

ImageTo WrongPlanet!! !Image

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14 Mar 2012, 9:55 pm

I know this topic is now nearly 2 years old but I thought I would add my thoughts to my diagnosis of AS. I came to know about the condition in late 2009 and was officially diagnosed in April 2010. I am now 30 years old and was diagnosed when I was 28.
Like Doreen I feel exactly like she does I have no friends or family close my family live 3 hours away and I moved away before I was diagnosed. I have made no close friends where I live and have lived away from my family for nearly 5 years. I am coping I guess.
Relationships are too complex for me and I have only been in 2 relationships my entire life. I have come to accept I may never have a partner and will never get married or have children. I can accept that though. The friendship thing though confuses me I really have no idea on how to make close friends. People just do not want to be around me.
Having the condition I am always interested in finding out more about AS and Autism. I go to a couple of AS support groups to make an attempt to socialise. Some people are easier to get on with others of course.
So far with employment I have had trouble in just about every job I have had and have faced disciplinary action in two of them. I just cannot find a fit in this world anywhere but I am plodding through life.
So Doreen welcome to WrongPlanet I hope you feel welcome here :-)


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14 Mar 2012, 10:22 pm

Greetings, I am new too!

I hope this site is a great support to you in managing stress etc.


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15 Mar 2012, 2:14 am

Welcome to WP!

Uhm if it helps, i always try to see it this way, you're forced to live and die so you might as well try to make the best of it, and you came to WP so i think thats a good step right :o Maybe i'm just a huge dork for believing that but oh well xD