Coloured balls, numbers, and sticks....

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29 Apr 2006, 10:59 pm

I guess this really applies to UK Aspies but who is into the Snooker? Anyone play snooker or watch it? I love to watch it as i dont get time to play it as much as i would like but....Being an Aspie myself i find it interesting that i DO NOT find the rythem of snooker, the scoring or the rules the most fascinating which i thought would have been an Aspie thing. What i am most fascinated by is the World Championship stastitics when it comes to players over the years like who`s who and not only that it is amazing to watch as i seem to learn quite a lot about body language and how you can tell and watch in detail without fear of eye contact when someone is either calm or noticably under pressure.

To anyone who knows about it this year i was supporting Shuan Murphy but he got beaten so then i was supporting Marco Fu.......typical

I used to support Jimmy White

I think now i`ll support ol` J.V. ! !!